Gionee Customer Care

If you are looking for the Gionee customer care number, you have come to the right place. You may book a service request directly with Gionee customer care through OneDios.

About Gionee Customer Care

Do you require Gionee customer care to schedule a service for your gadget? Calling Gionee customer care is hassle-free, as Gionee customer care’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. You can call Gionee customer care toll-free or give them a call, or even message or mail them your query.

About Gionee

Gionee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It was founded in 2002 and was one of China's largest mobile phone manufacturers. In 2016, Gionee introduced its first Made in India smartphone with the introduction of the F103 model. Besides India, the brand is also in countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and the Middle East. Gionee is a Chinese company with a strong offline retail presence in India, eschewing the online-only trend. The company has launched several Android smartphones in the low- and mid-end segments. Gionee's latest mobile launch is the F3 Pro.

Are You Searching for the Gionee Customer Care Number

Do you need to request customer service and are looking for the Gionee customer service number? OneDios enables you to submit a request or complaint online with Gionee customer care. OneDios is a customer service platform that supports home appliances, electronics, and mobile phones. Their services include scheduling repairs, tracking service requests, and providing customer assistance for warranty claims. OneDios is known for its fast and reliable customer service, helping customers quickly resolve any issues and get back to using their devices and appliances with ease. OneDios is the go-to location for raising Gionee customer service requests for all your product-related issues in a single click. It guarantees easy access to customer service directly from the brand.

Gionee Customer Service for Mobile Phone

Gionee has launched several Android smartphones in the low- and mid-end segments. Known for their slim designs and long-lasting batteries, Gionee phones are popular among budget-conscious consumers. The company also offers a range of features, such as high-quality cameras, large displays, and powerful processors, making them a viable option for those seeking mid-range smartphones.

Mobile phone customer service involves assisting customers with issues related to their mobile devices and services. This can include troubleshooting technical problems, answering billing questions, and supporting account management. Effective customer service for mobile phones requires knowledgeable and helpful representatives who can quickly resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction. If you have problems with one or more issues, you may file a Gionee service call directly on OneDios. OneDios quickly raises a service call for all your Gionee Mobile Phone customer service requirements. It provides direct contact with Gionee customer care in just one click.


A platform for submitting any service request is OneDios. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose OneDios for Gionee customer care services:

  • Reduces Time: Undeniably, OneDios raises your request faster. With OneDios, it takes just 60 seconds to book a service.
  • No Calling: You must only visit the OneDios platform's official website or mobile app to arrange a service.
  • Simple to Use: OneDios’s user-friendly layout lets you easily and quickly explore the site. You can easily find your product and brand on OneDios and book a service.
  • Saves Documents: You can overlook the records for your device, which are necessary for getting routine maintenance. Uploading them to the OneDios app will help you keep them secure.
  • Purchase: OneDios provides certified plans for your products, including extended warranties and AMC. You can purchase any plan on the official website or app of the platform.

Gionee Customer Care FAQs

Q1. Can the warranty be extended on a mobile phone?

You can protect your smartphone from manufacturing faults beyond the original warranty period by purchasing an extended warranty. OneDios can help you file a service request for an extended warranty on your Gionee mobile phone, or you can call Gionee customer care. Considering purchasing an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) or extended warranty for your mobile phone, #RequestKaroRelaxKaro, OneDios does it all.

Q2. I don’t know what is wrong with my phone. What can I do?

Don’t worry; after booking your repair, OneDios will pick up your device and then diagnose your device, which will allow us to define the problem of your Smartphone.

Q3. Should I get my phone repaired or buy a new phone?

Yes, you can repair it with OneDios. Now, depending upon costing of repair, you can decide whether you should choose between repairing/buying a new phone.

Q4. What are some common issues associated with a mobile phone?

Some of the common problems with a mobile phone are the following:

  • Slow Performance: The installation of pointless apps that consume RAM and store a large number of files on your phone is the cause of the slow performance. You can delete unwanted apps and files from your mobile to avoid such an issue.
  • Overheating: Overheating is a concern when a smartphone is used excessively. Demanding apps, most likely gaming apps, raise the phone's temperature, impacting the battery's efficiency. Perhaps you installed harmful background-running programs. Avoid using CPU-intensive apps, and give your phone a rest. If your phone is still overheating, then a manufacturing defect exists.
  • Phone Or App Crashes: It is one of the annoying issues associated with phones. When a fault in the downloaded software or your smartphone is short of space, your phone or an app crash.
  • Screen Damage: We have no control over this inadvertently occurring mobile phone issue. Use a decent phone protector to help you prevent such situations. Although they may be costly, preventing these accidents is a worthwhile investment.

Q5. How do I transfer data from my old phone to a new phone?

Data can be transferred from an old phone to a new one using various methods, such as Bluetooth, cloud storage, or USB cable. Many smartphones also offer built-in transfer tools that make the process easier.

Q6. What should I do if my phone gets wet?

If your phone gets wet, immediately turn it off and remove the battery (if possible). Then, dry it with a towel or cloth and leave it in a dry place for at least 24 hours before attempting to turn it back on.