GEM Customer Care

You can schedule a service with the aid of GEM customer care. OneDios, on the other hand, is a superior alternative that you have. This platform saves a great deal of time and requires less effort.


The top-selling white goods brand in India, GEM, has gained a reputation for upholding high standards in household appliances. GEM aims to take its place in every Indian home to keep up the same level of customer service and premium quality. The firm now has experience of more than 50 years. GEM gives special attention to in-house R&D. The team develops products that can easily cater to people's demands.

Are You Looking For The GEM Customer Care Number?

Do you find it tiresome to look for the legitimate GEM customer care number to schedule service for your GEM appliance? If so, then OneDios is the right platform for you. You can rapidly get help from OneDios with any requests you have for GEM goods. Furthermore, you are not needed to get in touch with anyone.

Common Searches For GEM Customer Care

GEM Customer Care For Refrigerator

GEM has a variety of refrigerators in terms of volume, design and structure. If your refrigerator is not working properly then you can contact GEM customer care and convey your query. But if you don't want to go through that long and tiring process then you can opt for OneDios.

GEM Customer Care For Washing Machine

GEM washing machine does require timely checkups for maintaining its peak performance. You can schedule routine maintenance by contacting GEM customer care or we have a better alternative for you, i.e. OneDios. It takes only 60 seconds to schedule a service.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is an online platform in which you can submit service requests for multiple brands. The following are the pretexts for selecting this platform over GEM customer care:

  • 60-second period: It takes only a small portion of your time because OneDios is a medium where you can submit service requests independently, i.e. you don't have to contact anyone. The longest this process can last is one minute, but no longer!
  • Easy Access: When submitting requests through GEM customer care, it is typical to have to wait a while before communicating with a brand representative about your issues. Additionally, you can only get in touch with them at specific times of the day. OneDios, however, gives you the flexibility to make requests whenever you want without having to wait for phone calls.
  • Brand Partnership: You can book services for 500+ brands in addition to GEM products. Therefore, the majority of the after-sales services for your equipment can be obtained within this platform.
  • Additional Features: OneDios allows you to upload product documentation, buy extended warranties, and more in addition to submitting service requests.

GEM Customer Care FAQs

Q1. How can a refrigerator help me save money on electricity?

One of the simplest ways you can reduce your electricity bill is by wisely opening or closing your refrigerator door. Since the outside warm air rushes inside the appliance every time you open its door. It will end up in increased power consumption thereby elevated electricity bills.

Another thing you can do is to adequately fill your fridge. It's best to avoid stuffing it completely which may hamper the airflow.

Furthermore, you can ensure that whatever you place inside your appliance has been cooled to room temperature.

Lastly, you can make sure your appliance is in proper working condition. Inspect it at least once a year for the highest efficiency. You can opt OneDios to arrange a service without wasting time on the lookout for the GEM customer care number.

Q2. Why isn't the spinning on my washing machine working?

Normally, your washing machine's spin cycle won't begin until the fluid has been drained. The drainage pipe might not be working due to clogging with dirt from your clothing. If the hose becomes compressed or tangled, it most likely is replaced. If you are facing such a problem then you can make use of OneDios and book a service without contacting GEM customer care.

Q3. Can you use a new fridge right away or do you have to wait 24 hours?

Before operating a new fridge, you need to give it anywhere between two and twenty-four hours. It can function to its fullest extent after this waiting period, ensuring proper operation. Additionally, it will help the refrigerator achieve a precise interior temperature, thoroughly cool the water, and make the first batches of ice.

Q4. Why won't my refrigerator's door perfectly close?

Food obstructing the door, a shelving unit or bin positioned improperly, and an unsteady or wobbly refrigerator are a few causes of a refrigerator door that won't close perfectly. Prior to shutting the door, keep the food and containers out of the way to avoid this issue by placing all the shelves and bins correctly in their designated locations. If the refrigerator is shaky or unsteady, level the device appropriately.

Q5. Is the sound coming from my refrigerator normal?

Refrigerators normally produce sound while operating. However, if your refrigerator is making loud noises or if there is a strange sound coming from it, it might be best to locate the origin of the noise and have it repaired. You can use OneDios to book an appointment with an electrician without calling GEM customer care.