Ford Customer Care

Being an American multinational manufacturer of automobiles and commercial vehicles, Ford is a famous brand among car enthusiasts. On June 16, 1903, Ford came into being and was headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The brand considers itself a family-oriented company, one that has shared ideals and spans all across the globe. Ford isn't a new brand in the automobile industry; instead, it has created incessant memories and moments with many customers and has been a part of their dreams and hopes.

With its top-notch range of products, Ford intends to bring about a positive and revolutionary change in the modern era. The brand's primary purpose is to help and contribute to making the world a better place where everyone is free to move and bring their dreams to life.

Ford has been in the industry for as long as 117 years and has adapted quite well to the changing times and leading the market of positive changes. That's why as a brand, we're evolving to focus on services, experiences, and software as well as vehicles.

Ford is a family-owned business in many respects. The culture is based on shared goals and beliefs, and it acts in the best interests of all. As an organisation, Ford believes everyone should have the freedom to move and pursue their dreams and create a culture of belonging for every employee.

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Most common searches for Ford customer care

Ford customer care for Petrol Cars

Ford has a wide range of petrol cars for you to enjoy a smooth and seamless ride. These cars are built by keeping the user's needs and requirements in mind and putting advanced technology to ensure excellent service. Ford's petrol cars, including the Ford Figo, Ford Aspire, and Ford Ecosport, boast an energetic design and powerful engine. Also, if you are worried about buying one of these and getting troubled by the maintenance hassles, you don't have to think about that at all. Tune into OneDios and let it take care of the maintenance by scheduling a Ford customer care service for Petrol cars right away!

Ford customer care for Diesel Cars

Ford's Diesel cars are among the most popular diesel cars worldwide. Ford has it all from small cars, hatchbacks, sedans, and luxury SUVs. Ford Endeavor, Ford Freestyle, and Ford Aspire are some of the products from Ford's range of Diesel cars and encompass outstanding features like power-packed engine and fuel efficiency. But how can you keep these cars in the best condition? The answer is nothing but regular maintenance. That's where OneDios comes into play. Get onto their website and book a seamless Ford customer care service for Diesel Cars in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Does the Ford Endeavor have a sunroof?

Yes, Ford Endeavour includes an Electric sunroof, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even when you're inside fully.

Q.2 What is the warranty period of the Ford Express Vehicle Warranty?

The warranty period for all new Ford vehicles is two years from the sale/invoice date or 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. If you have any questions about the timing of your warranty period, please get in touch with your Ford Dealer.

Q.3 What is my Ford vehicle's towing capacity?

Your Ford's towing capacity varies depending on the car you're driving and the towing accessories installed. If your vehicle has been fitted with a Ford Genuine tow bar, a placard on the car will show the capacity. You can go through the Trailer Towing heading of your Owner's manual for exact details of your vehicle.

Q.4 What is a VIN, and how can I locate it?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a combination of seventeen characters present in all the vehicles. The VIN appears in several locations on a car. You can get more information on the VIN of your Ford vehicle in your Owner's manual.

Q.5 What are the colour options available in the Ford Aspire?

Several colour options are the Ford Aspire, for instance, Diamond White, Moondust Silver, White Gold, Smoke Grey, Ruby Red, etc.

Q.6 What is the Ford Ecosport's seating capacity?

Ford Ecosport has a seating capacity of five, giving your family comfort, ample space and relaxation.

Q.7 Does Ford EcoSport provide vehicle assistance while driving?

FordPassTM application has a cloud-connected device in Ford EcoSport to access and provide real-time vehicle information to its owners. Ford owners can stay connected, monitor, and control their vehicles via the FordPassTM smartphone application.

Q.8 What is the maximum fuel intake of Ford Endeavour?

Ford Endeavour has a fuel capacity of 80 litres. With this, you can fill once and go on nonstop journeys.

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