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About Fiat

Established in January 2007, Fiat Automobiles is an Italian manufacturer of automobiles and motor vehicles. The Fiat Group has several production units set up in a myriad of nations across the globe, including Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Mexico.

Fiat has offered its clientele and customers a wide variety of affordable and straightforward yet innovative design solutions for more than a century to meet their complex mobility needs. Fiat makes cars for everyone’s needs that are distinctly stylish, fun to drive and economically functional. Fiat creates vehicles with the purpose and passion of improving people’s lives.

One of the most essential pillars of the brand Fiat is its commitment to sustainable mobility. The Group keeps introducing innovative solutions for conventional engine technologies, alternative fuels, and propulsion systems in every operating region. In addition to the new technologies, Fiat believes that consumers' driving behaviour strongly influences the environmental impact of vehicles. Fiat promises to invest in eco-drive, an application that improves your driving style by giving recommendations for reducing emissions, saving fuel and assuring economic advantages.

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Most Common Searches for Fiat Customer Care

Fiat Customer Care Service for Petrol Cars

Fiat encompasses a wide range of models looking out for petrol cars. These cars comprise umpteen features like power steering, an accessory power outlet, an anti-lock braking system and much more to ensure a smooth and seamless ride. Therefore, if you own one of these cars and are considering servicing, log on to the OneDios website or download the OneDios app and get the Fiat Customer Care Service for Petrol Cars.

Fiat Customer Care Service for Diesel Cars

Fiat incorporates quite a few models in its range of diesel cars. These cars comprise umpteen features like power-packed engines, fuel efficiency and much more to enjoy a great driving experience. But how can you keep these cars in the best condition? The answer is nothing but regular maintenance. That's where OneDios comes into play. Log on to the OneDios website or download the OneDios app and book a seamless Fiat Car Customer Care service for Fiat Diesel Cars in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What does the warranty of my Fiat vehicle include?

The price of your vehicle involves a warranty that commences from the handover date and has no mileage limits, and includes the following:

  • 36 months of vehicle warranty
  • 36 months of warranty on the
  • 96 Months of perforating rust warranty

Specific conditions and exclusions are shown in the Warranty Booklet, which you will be provided with your vehicle.

Q.2 Can the warranty for my vehicle be extended?

The authorised dealer network could offer you a range of warranty extension products to extend the comprehensive warranty offered on each new vehicle. For an extended warranty or AMC of your Fiat car, contact OneDios.

Q.3 What can I do to keep my car maintenance in check?

The few points that you should keep in check to keep your car running smoothly and seamlessly are:

  • Check tyre wear and pressure
  • Check engine oil level
  • Check the screen wash level
  • Check if all the lights are working

Q.4 How can I change ownership of my newly bought Fiat Vehicle?

To complete the change of ownership for your newly acquired Fiat vehicle, please complete the Change of Ownership form located in your warranty handbook and send it via email to

Q.5 Does my vehicle bring along roadside assistance?

For the first three years of the manufacturer's warranty, your vehicle is also covered by Roadside Assistance. Don't hesitate to contact the Fiat and Abarth Roadside Assistance team on 1800 870 709 or the Fiat Professional Roadside Assistance team on 1800 870 712. You can also contact OneDios for Fiat roadside assistance.

Q.6 How can I schedule a servicing appointment for my FIAT vehicle?

You can contact Fiat customer care or download the OneDios app and register a Fiat Petrol/Diesel Car Customer Care service request.

Q.7 How to register a complaint on Fiat customer care through the OneDios app?

After downloading the OneDios app or opening the website, click the “Book Service” button. Then from the appliances category section, you choose (two-wheeler, four-wheeler, etc.) the product you want to avail of the service. Select Fiat from the brand options. Choose from the options Fiat Diesel or Fiat Petrol. Mention the issue with the car you want to get fixed. Fill in your address, choose the appointment date at your convenience, and register your complaint.

How can OneDios help with Fiat Customer Care?

OneDios is customer-friendly because it is curated, keeping its customers and their requirements in mind. So, it helps its customers with products from many popular brands. It brings customers closer to their brands in a single place. So, if you want to book a service from Fiat, you can say, e.g., Fiat Customer Care Service for Petrol Cars. Visit the OneDios website and book Fiat customer care services directly from the brand.

Some other features of the OneDios customer care services are as follows:

  • More than 500 brands are available
  • Brand-authorised services
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  • There is no specific duration for filing a complaint.
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