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Since the 1970s, the Elica Group has been the worldwide market leader in making chimneys. Creativity, style, and functionality are all cornerstones of the company. Elica customer care has a worldwide supply chain managed by professionally qualified people, giving the best possible service to their clients.Since their arrival, Elica's trendy and attractive kitchen appliances, such as chimneys and kitchen hoods, have become fairly popular in India. Elica customer service delivers cutting-edge infrastructure as well as worldwide coverage. The company uses specialized technology to find and fix the cause of your product's issues.Elica's association with OneDios has evolved in order to achieve efficient solutions and the best services for clients right at their doorstep. For all of your Elica customer service needs, OneDios also makes it simple to create a service call in just a few steps. You no longer need to contact Elica call center or hunt for Elica customer care near me.

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Elica Chimney Customer Care

Traditionally, a large part of Indian cooking is oily and includes all sorts of frying. Did you know that the fumes created by frying contain oil particles, resulting in the production of grime? A chimney usually absorbs the oil and stops it from sticking to the ceilings. This ensures that the d├ęcor remains clean and long-lasting. In addition, this means less kitchen cleaning!Many people feel that maintaining a chimney is simple. A chimney in your kitchen brings a whole new set of tasks. A frequent chimney inspection is necessary to ensure that it does not cause a house fire or pose any other danger to your home.If you're having problems with your chimney, contact OneDios for all Elica customer care complaint in just a single click. Your service will be booked right away as per your suitable time. There's no need to look for Elica customer care no anymore because our representative will contact you as early as possible and provide high-quality services.

Q1. Should I get my chimney swept on a regular basis?

At least once a year, chimneys should be checked for durability, free of deposits, and proper clearing. If needed, cleaning, upkeep, and repairs will be carried out. For chimney repair or service, you can book a service call with OneDios instead of looking for the Elica chimney customer care number.

Q2. Is it possible for me to clean my chimney on my own?

A brush and some efforts are not enough to clean a chimney. A chimney sweep has the tools and knowledge to assess how much tar is in the chimney and where it is placed.First and foremost, they are trained for safety. They will also perform a full check to make sure the system is completely safe the next time you light your stove. When it comes to chimney service, it's critical to select a pro. For chimney repair and service, you can contact Elica customer service through OneDios from any part of the nation. Now there is no need to look for Elica customer care Pune or Elica customer care Mumbai or Elica customer care Delhi.

Q3. Is it necessary to install kitchen chimneys?

Yes, without a chimney, today's modern kitchen is incomplete. It keeps your kitchen clean and helps you save time on cleaning. If you have a new chimney installed at home, you can upload all the invoices, warranties, and documents on OneDios and tag them with your appliances. This way, you'll always have access to these papers from any part of the world.OneDios also keeps a digital record of your product's service history and warranty duration, and sends you reminders!

Q4. Is it true that the kitchen chimney reduces heat?

Chimneys do, in fact, remove excess heat. They also effectively trap grease particles, ensuring that your kitchen is clean and odour-free.

Q5. What is the difference between a kitchen chimney and an exhaust fan in the kitchen?

Compared to an exhaust fan, an electric kitchen chimney is significantly superior. The electric chimney, in addition to taking in hot gases, also exhausts or filters out particles of food, filth, and odours, whereas the exhaust fan just draws smoke and expels it out of the kitchen.It not only keeps your kitchen cool and free of smoke and odours, but it can also keep greasy food particles from settling on the cupboards, walls, and ceiling thanks to these features. It also keeps your kitchen clean and safe.

S Sajin

  • 2022-11-27


K Kuldeep

  • 2022-10-04

Chimney sarvice

S Shanmuga vadivel

  • 2022-09-30

I bought two chimneys on Amazon at 11 Feb 2022. In one of them the motherboard is repaired The motherboard is not yet available through the service center Order date 11-Feb-2022 Order # 171-2943331-3466745 Order total 12,499.00 (1 item) amazan Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney (WDFL 906 HAC MS NERO, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black) Shanmuga vadivel 1st street,2nd house,Gandhi nagar Renganatha puram BODINAYAKANUR, TAMIL NADU 625513 India

S Sunil kumar

  • 2022-09-28

Please check my chimney .not one year complete. It's under warranty

P Priyatam Prakash

  • 2022-09-19

Kindly note that we have purchased Elica Kitchen Hood, Model No . WD TFL HAC 60 MS NERO from Infinity Retail Limited Trading. Croma Kolkata Rajarhat A197 Kolkata 700156 Bill No 1005 Order Number SOA197004447857 DATE 11/09/2022 We are sorry to write that the customer service is very poor. While purchasing the same no one has shown the product physically shown me in Computer only and sold me teh product. After installation it is found that so much noise is coming, I immediately rushed to the dealer and lodged complaint. Every one is discussing over phone but no one has visited at my residence for corrective action. You are requested to please replace the hood by low noise model.

R Rajesh maurya

  • 2022-03-19

chimney service