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Daikin Split AC Service

Daikin Split AC service in OneDios is a complete package of maintenance and servicing for your appliance. The models of Daikin split ACs come with several features and qualities. Unlike conventional air conditioners, they come with 3-dimensional airflow, which has up-down and left-right movements. This feature gives better cooling than conventional ACs. The Daikin Dual-Comfort line offers two-in-one comfort. So, whether it's hot weather or freezing seasons, it'll keep you safe from the whims of the tropical Indian climate throughout the year. It also comes with a Power Chill mode which instantly maximises the cooling impact regardless of the operating model to give faster cooling. Stranger Discharge technology of these Daikin appliances enables filtration of PM 2.5, allowing only the fresh air to enter your surroundings. The condenser of Daikin split AC is made up of copper, which has a significant advantage over the aluminium condenser in terms of heat transmission. In comparison to the aluminium condenser, the copper condenser is far more durable and easy to clean and maintain. Daikin Split AC comes with an inverter compressor, which helps you in conserving electricity. All of these features will last a long time if you get your air conditioner serviced regularly. Daikin Split AC service not only provides general servicing but breakdown and installation-related services. You can also avail extended warranty offered by OneDios under the Daikin Split AC service. All these features make OneDios a better alternative than Daikin AC customer care.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios offers different requests for Daikin Split AC. You can select a request according to your need.

Installation Related

Whether you require installation services for your newly bought Daikin Split AC or need to uninstall your existing appliance, Installation-related requests are there to cater for your needs.

1. De-Installation Request

There are times when you have to uninstall your AC to make room for a new one. A highly qualified technician or a group of technicians will remove all the wirings and uninstall your appliance. You can avail of this service with a De-Installation Request in OneDios easily.

2. Demo Request

Understanding the working and several features of a new AC can be a tiresome process. It's better to opt for a Demo Request for a quick demonstration of the different features of your appliance.

3. Installation Request

If you've moved to a new area and will need to install your old air conditioner, you can use the Installation Request option in OneDios. Hiring a skilled technician to install your Daikin Split AC is a better idea due to its complicated wiring.

4. New Product Installation

Air conditioners come with different wirings which need to be placed perfectly for turning on your appliance. The process is a bit complicated, therefore, getting help from a technician becomes necessary. You can select New Product Installation Request for availing of these services.

Service Request

Service Request includes general servicing for your Daikin Split AC. As your appliance may undergo natural wear and tear, it needs to be regularly checked out. It will help in maintaining the efficiency of your appliance.

1. General Servicing

General servicing under Daikin Split AC service Includes cleaning the indoor units, washing filters, dusting outdoor units, wiping different components, checking the functionality of different components like the compressor, electrical parts, etc.

Breakdown Request

Apart from regular servicing, your AC will also require repair or replacement for any malfunctioning. If you observe any abnormality in your Daikin Split AC then you can register a breakdown request in OneDios. It is a faster option than searching for the Daikin AC customer care number.

1. Abnormal Noise

A malfunctioning air conditioner makes a variety of abnormal noises. It can signify a faulty component, a broken part, and so on. You can book a breakdown service after which an expert technician will inspect your appliance to determine the exact reason for the strange sound.

2. Abnormal Odour

There are many distinct kinds of abnormal odours, just as there are many different kinds of strange noises. Various odours indicate various problems. So, do have your appliance examined by a professional to establish the root of the issue and then find a solution.

3. Does Not Heat Or Cool

It's a good idea to have your Daikin split AC serviced if it's not heating nor cooling properly. This issue could be caused by a variety of factors, and only a specialist can find the actual cause after examining your equipment.

4. Gas Leak

Metal rust, which allows gas to escape the system, is the most prevalent source of gas leaks in air conditioners. There could be several other reasons for this problem. By scheduling a Daikin split AC service, you can get professional assistance with this issue.

5. Other Symptoms

If your AC is showing other symptoms which are not mentioned here, then you can select this option.

6. Sometimes Stops

If your AC sometimes stops while working, then it is recommended to get it serviced. It could indicate internal malfunctioning, therefore servicing becomes important.

7. Stops Immediately

When your Daikin Split AC stops immediately after power on, then it needs an early checkup.

8. Water Leakage

Due to broken or jammed drain lines, water drips from HVAC systems frequently. Water can also spill from your unit if the drip pan is overflowing or damaged, or if the evaporator coils are frozen. It's also possible for your air conditioner to leak refrigerant, the substance that cools the air in your home, but this is less often.

Extended Warranty Request

The extended warranty request offers an extended warranty that expands the manufacturer's warranty duration for your Daikin Split AC beyond the company's offer.

9. One Year Extended Warranty

It will cover the maintenance and monitoring of your appliance for one year after your original warranty period is over. Good Professionals will take care of the technical issues and only the genuine parts will be used for replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1What makes a split air conditioner different from a floor-standing ac?

There are a few key differences between split and floor-standing air conditioners. A split air conditioner's major units are located outside the room, whereas a floor standing air conditioner's primary units are located within the enclosed space. On the other hand, floor standing air conditioners may be placed almost anywhere, including inside tents or structures with glass walls, and are also easier to transport. In comparison to a floor standing air conditioner, a split air conditioner circulates cooler air over a much broader area.

Q.2 How often should I clean my Daikin Split AC?

You must clean your Daikin Split AC every two weeks.

What is the average lifespan of Daikin Split AC?

The average lifespan of a Daikin Split AC is 12-15 years.