Daikin Customer Care

Daikin is one of the leading brands for air conditioners worldwide and has been able to establish a strong presence in India.
Daikin today services residential, commercial and industrial customers in India. For the residential category, Daikin’s Split Hi-Wall air conditioner has been a market-leading product for a few years. Daikin has also launched a series of Air purifier products in 2021.
Daikin has introduced some of the following key technologies

  • Patented VRV technology
  • Patented Streamer Discharge technology
  • Inverter technology
  • R32 environment
  • Streamer to fight coronavirus
  • Voice and Wifi enabled AC

Daikin India network today boasts of 600+ Authorized Service providers (ASPs) and 8,500+ Channel partners. Such a spread put network makes the reach of Daikin Customer Care very well spread throughout India. With Daikin’s tie-up with OneDios, Daikin customer care has now become even more approachable as the end consumers no longer need to search for Daikin customer care number and can directly register any service request on OneDios. Freedom from looking out for Daikin AC customer care no or calling the call center makes Daikin customers happier.

The ability to log in a service request on the OneDios app or website for Daikin customer care solves a lot of hassle of approaching Daikin ac customer care.

Whether it is getting our regular Daikin AC service done or getting any Daikin AC service problem rectified or even if you are looking out for a Daikin spare part like Daikin air filter or Daikin remote, OneDios becomes the one-stop solution for all Daikin Customer care needs.

The type of service requests for Daikin customer care that can be registered on OneDios are

  • Purchasing a new Extended Warranty Plan or an Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Installation related which includes a new installation request for a newly purchased Daikin AC or a de- installation request or installation of an existing AC.
  • Normal Service Request for you Daikin AC which usually happens 2-3 times a year. Most Daikin new AC purchase comes with 2 free general servicing free of charge which can be available for registering a service request on Daikin Customer care using OneDios or any other service channel. Registering the request on OneDios will also help you keep the history of your interactions and services on OneDios.
  • Registering a breakdown service ticket on Daikin customer care usually warrants immediate attention. Some of these problems are Abnormal noise, Abnormal odour, lack of cooling or heating, failure to operate, Gas Leakage, Water leakage, intermittent stoppage etc. OneDios helps you choose one or more of these issues while registering your service request for Daikin Customer care in an easy-to-use interface.
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