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Bluestar Water Dispenser Service

Blue Star water dispensers deliver clean, safe drinking water at your preferred temperature, warm or cold. They come with the option of normal temperature water as well. Their body is made up of stainless steel, protecting the appliances for a more extended period. Another feature for a user-friendly experience is the plastic taps and panels. Some of these Blue Star water dispensers are tropicalised dispensers meaning they sense your environment and accordingly give you water at a suitable temperature. These machines are noise-free and perform their operations silently. They also have a drip tray for preventing leak water all over the floor. If you are finding any issues with this appliance, then you can avail Bluestar water dispenser service offered by OneDios. Customers usually must undergo the tiring process of searching for the Bluestar water dispenser customer care number. The hassle doesn't end there; they have to wait on long holds to raise a complaint. To break this barrier, OneDios has come into existence, which allows increasing any request related to your product in just 60 seconds.

Request Types

There are two requests under the Bluestar water dispenser service - Repair and Installation Related Request. If your appliance is malfunctioning, then go for the former and if you are facing an installation-related problem, then choose the latter. Unlike Bluestar water dispenser customer care, you don't need to call anyone and can raise a service all by yourself anytime.

Repair Request

If your Blue Star water dispenser is not working correctly, you can submit a repair request. It addresses all of the potential issues with your equipment. You can choose the appropriate subject and register a repair request. It will only take you six clicks to submit the request, and you won't have to look up the Bluestar water dispenser customer service number on the internet. The following are the issues:

1. Bad Smell

A foul smell could suggest mould development or gas leaking. After finding the source of the condition, a professional can resolve it. Solicit professional assistance by submitting a repair request.

2. Broken Or Damage

A broken or damaged appliance element could result from a physical accident. If you have such an issue, choose this option for repairs.

3. Compressor Not Tripping

If the compressor of your appliance is not tripping, then opt for a repair service. Select this option to avail professional support.

4. Corrosion Or Rusting

Corrosion or rusting can occur after a long time of exposure of your appliance to oxygen. It eventually results in the breakage of the metal. So, before it's too late, you should raise a repair request to fix this problem.

5. Dirty Water From Tap

The reason behind dirty water can be the source of your water supply. Another reason could be an internal malfunction of your water dispenser. If so, then get the solution by raising a request.

6. Display Shows Error Or LED Blinks

An error in display or blinking of the LED can indicate internal circuit damage. You can get it fixed by a technician with OneDios.

7. Door Or Lock Problem

If you are facing a door or lock problem, then avail of repair services by a professional. You can place a service request with this option.

8. Drain Issue

Drain issue is a common problem with a water dispenser. A technician will detect the root cause of this problem and then will give a suitable solution.

9. Electrical Shock

Electrical shock can occur whenever a socket or switch is damaged or defective. It can also happen if an appliance's wiring, circuits, or cords are severely damaged. Whenever you turn one on, the fluctuating electricity can damage your gadget and cause you to be shocked.

10. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

These issues may arise due to incorrectly installed wiring, electrical wiring damage, overloaded circuit, or foreign material trapped in your electrical box. It is essential to fix these issues before using the appliance. Therefore, opt for a repair request.

11. Ice Formation

If you are facing the issue of ice formation with your appliance, then raise a repair request by choosing this option.

12. Moisture Or Sweating

It is usual for your water cooler to show moisture or sweating. However, giving off moisture at an alarmingly high rate can cause concern. So, opt for a repair request to address the same.

13. Noise Problem

If your appliance is producing noise more than the average level, then it could be due to internal problems. Therefore, a professional recommends getting your device repaired by a professional.

14. Not Cooling Or Working

Whenever your water dispenser is not cooling working properly, then you need to get it checked by a professional. Avail repair services by selecting this option.

15. Not Heating

Internal malfunction may lead to problems with the heating function of your appliance. Get it fixed by a technician with OneDios.

16. Over Cooling

If your water dispenser is overcooling the water, then it is better to get it inspected by a skilled professional. It will detect the cause of this issue and resolve it accordingly.

17. Packing Damage

Packing damage can occur during transportation, loading, and unloading. In only 60 seconds, you can solve this problem by submitting a service request.

18. Part Broken

Mechanical strain can result in broken parts. You must repair it to function correctly. Select this option to resolve the problem.

19. Unit Or Compressor Or MCB Tripping

Unit, compressor or MCB tripping can happen for a variety of reasons. An electrician will identify the correct cause and address it appropriately.

20. Water Leakage

Although water leakage is typical, if your appliance is leaking a considerable amount of water, you should have it examined by a skilled technician because there could be severe problems.

21. Water Not Coming From Tap

This problem can arise if there is an interruption in your water supply or there could be internal damage to your water dispenser. Fix the latter by raising a repair request in OneDios.

Installation Related

Customers not only face damage issues with their appliance but also have difficulties learning the working of a newly bought product. If you have a problem with understanding various functions of your appliance, then you can find the option of demo request under installation-related request. You can raise a request with OneDios without contacting the Bluestar water dispenser customer care.

1. Demo Request

If you are new to the Bluestar water dispenser, raise a demo request. A professional will guide you with the appliance. A complete demonstration of different features will be given to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What precautions may I take when using a water dispenser?

The following are some precautions to take when using a water dispenser:

  • Do regular cleaning for mould prevention
  • To avoid a slick flooring, take care of any water spilt by the unit.
  • Keep your water dispenser at a safe distance from the electrical outlet. It will assist in the prevention of electrical shock.
  • To prevent back pain, raise the refilling container with a straight spine.

Q.2 Is it possible to switch off the water dispenser at night?

Yes, you can switch off the water dispenser at night or whenever it is not used for an extended period.

Q.3 How often should my water dispenser be cleaned?

Cleaning your water dispenser every 6-12 months is suggested.