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Bluestar Water Cooler Service

Bluestar water cooler service covers all the aspects of water cooler maintenance and servicing. Whether you are looking for an installation expert or a repair technician, it completes all your requirements. Water coolers offered by Bluestar are quick to cool water providers. Also, these appliances are eco-friendly, meaning they will have no negative impact on the environment. They are equipped with powerful compressors for superior performance and their body is made with stainless steel for enhanced durability. If you have a Bluestar water cooler, then you will require professional help at some point in time. However, booking a service schedule by contacting Bluestar water cooler customer care takes a lot of time. Instead, you can use OneDios which will assist you in raising a request within a minute only.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

There are three request types for the Bluestar water cooler. They will help you in raising a specific request without contacting Bluestar water cooler customer care.

Installation-Related Request

Installation-related requests deal with servicing involved during installation or uninstallation of the Bluestar water cooler. You can also find demo requests under installation-related requests. These numerous options can give you the exact issue request that you are facing. It will help in giving you the best suitable servicing for your appliance. This feature makes OneDios a unique and better option than Bluestar water cooler customer care.

1. De-Installation Request

If you wish to uninstall your appliance then you can submit a de-installation request, after which you will receive a team of professional who will remove the setup.

2. Demo Request

When you are new to the Bluestar water cooler and need a guide to understand its working and features, then you can raise a demo request. A technician will give a demonstration of all the features and working of the appliance.

3. Installation Request

If you are searching for a professional to install your appliance, then raise an installation request to get it.

5. New Product Installation

After purchasing the new water cooler, you need technical support to install it. Raise a request via OneDios and technicians will set up the appliance for you.

Repair Request

If your appliance is showing abnormal symptoms then raise a repair request. A professional will examine it to detect the cause behind the issue. It will take only a few seconds to raise the request and therefore this process takes less time than Bluestar water cooler customer care.

7. Abnormal Noise

Abnormal noise is a result of internal dysfunction. However, its reason can only be known after inspecting the appliance. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for technical support.

9. Abnormal Odour

Some soluble impurities in the water can cause a bad unpleasant smell, which your water cooler may not be able to filter out, resulting in odorous drinking water. Raise a repair request to solve this problem.

10. Other Symptoms

Your appliance may not be showing any symptoms mentioned under Repair Request. If this is the case, then pick this option to resolve your specific problem.

11. Slow Water Flow

Slow water flow is a result of clogged pipes. Resolve this issue by hiring a technician easily via OneDios.

12. Water Has Bad Taste Or Odour

If the water coming out is having a bad taste or odour, then there are chances that the fault is in your water supply. If the water supply is not faulty, then raise a request to avail a professional for determining the root cause of this issue.

13. Water Leak

If your appliance is giving off excess water, then you need to fix it. Schedule a service with a technician using OneDios to solve this water leakage.

14. Water Tank Does Not Fill Up

If your water tank does not fill up, then go for repair service. A skilled technician can detect the problem and resolve it.

Service Request

A service request includes general servicing of your appliance. You can select this option to raise a service request in just a minute as opposed to hours taken during the search for the Bluestar water cooler customer care number and then contact them.

1. General servicing

A general servicing is a thorough checkup or inspection of your appliance. Small damages, then, can be repaired by a technician. Also, frequent general servicing can extend the shelf life of your appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is it essential to alter the water in my water cooler frequently?

It is recommended that you sanitize and clean the water cooler every time you replace the bottle, or at minimum once every 6 weeks. If you have a water cooler that is linked to the mains, you should only clean it and change the filters once every six months.

Q.2 What is the best way to clean the interior of my water cooler?

You can clean the interior with hot water (3 cups) and distilled white vinegar (1 cup) mixture. Pour this liquid into the reservoir and scrub with a cloth.

Q.3 How long does the water in a water cooler stay fresh?

If shelf life is a problem, your water jug will last at least six months before it needs to be replaced. Even though water does not have an expiration date, bottled water should not be kept permanently.