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Bluestar Visi Cooler Service

Bluestar visi cooler service gives you a variety of options for services of your appliance. It is quick and hassle-free to raise a service request in OneDios. You only have to devote one minute to submit the request. Also, different options make it easier for you to specify your problems. It will also help us in deciding the exemplary service for you. As this platform doesn't require you to contact Bluestar visi cooler customer care, you save a lot of time.

Request Types

One of the benefits of using OneDios is the ability to find distinct request kinds. Selecting the proper request will aid you in identifying the best solution for your problem and prevent you from mentioning the same concern with the service provider. There are two types of inquiries for OneDios' Bluestar visi cooler service: installation-related and repair-related. A brief explanation of each of these requests follows:

Repair Request

If your Bluestar visi cooler shows fault, you can request a repair. It covers all possible appliance problems. You have the option of selecting the appropriate issue and scheduling a repair. It will only take you six clicks to make the request, and you will save time by not having to hunt up the Bluestar visi cooler customer service number on the internet. The following issues are covered:

1. Bad Smell

If your appliance is giving a foul smell, then it can indicate mould growth or gas leakage. A specialist can solve the problem after determining the actual cause. Submit a repair request to get professional assistance.

2. Broken Or Damaged

Even if you use your appliance carefully, there might be chances that it got broken or damaged due to some physical strains. But you don't have to worry about it as a technician can fix the broken or damaged part.

3. Child Lock

Child lock is a feature that protects your child from the appliance. If your child lock is not working correctly or showing some issues, then you can get it fixed by a professional.

4. Corrosion Or Rusting

Exposure of metal to air for an extended period can lead to corrosion or rusting. It can damage your appliance. Therefore, it is best to address this issue by opting for professional services.

5. Display Shows Error Or Led Blinks

An internal issue could cause a screen breakdown. Also, if your appliance LED is blinking, then it might indicate a problem with your Bluestar visi cooler. A specialist can inspect your machine and correct the faults.

6. Door Or Lock Problem

Improper usage of the door or lock can cause a problem. You need to repair the damages, if any, to maintain the good working condition of your appliance.

7. Drain Issue

Drain issues may be a result of clogging. If your machine has a drain problem, select this option to file a repair request. A technician can quickly resolve this issue.

8. Electrical Shock

If your appliance is giving an electrical shock, then you should not use it until it's repaired. The problem can arise due to damaged circuits or faulty wiring.

9. Excess Cooling

If your appliance is cooling too quickly, it's possible that the air damper or temperature control has been set incorrectly or is malfunctioning. It may continuously call for cold due to an air leak in the door seal.

10. Excess Ice Formation

Excess ice can develop and pile up rapidly if the temperature in your visi cooler is too low or too high. If the additional ice is forming despite the right temperature setting, it is vital to repair your appliance.

11. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

Internal circuit damage may cause these problems. To get an electrician to come out and fix the problem, submit a repair request.

12. Food Getting Spoiled

You can recheck the thermostat settings if your food spoils in the cooler. If everything appears to be in order, submit a repair request.

13. Gap In Plastic Parts

Click on the option if cracks in you have discovered the appliance's composite components. Professionals can fix the damaged portion.

14. Gasket Torn Gap

It is crucial to take care of the gasket in your cooler. If you are facing any issue regarding the component, then raise a request for repair or replacement.

15. Ice Formation In Ref Comp

When the internal part of the device absorbs wet air, it can cause ice formation in ref comp. Another cause of this problem is the incorrect setting (either too high or too low) of the thermostat.

16. Ice Matic Not Working

You may face issues with the ice matic due to inadequate power supply, wrong settings, or internal malfunction. Address the problem by opting for professional support.

17. Light Not Working

Damaged circuits or dysfunctional bulbs can cause problems with the working of light. A technician can fix your appliance after determining the root cause.

18. Mains Or MCB Tripping

When an overvoltage flows for a prolonged time and threatens the complete circuit, MCBs, also referred to as time delay tripping devices, trip and shut down the system. Short-circuits, on the other hand, cause these devices to trip and shut down the power supply in 2.5 milliseconds.

19. Melting In Cooler Comp

The problem could be caused by a defective defrost heater, bimetal, defrost sensor or control system. The flawed temperature-monitoring system can cause a temperature sensor or a thermostat to fail.

20. Moisture Or Sweating

Condensation causes moisture or sweating surrounding your equipment, which is frequent throughout the summer. If the moisture level is significantly higher than usual, get professional assistance.

21. Noise Or Vibration

A buzzing or humming sound identifies the compressor of your cooler. When the defrost timer turns on and off, you'll hear a clicking sound. The motor may vibrate more than usual when the machine has component difficulties, interruptions, or unsecured wires, causing the noise. In this case, you should have your appliance inspected by an expert.

22. Over Cooling

Incorrect thermostat settings are one of the most common causes of overcooling. A malfunctioning thermostat could cause appliance overcooling despite the correct thermostat setting. A specialist can assist you in finding a solution.

23. Packing Damage

When your product is improperly handled or packaged, it can damage packing. If you are facing similar trouble, then raise a repair request.

24. Part Broken

If any of your appliance's parts or components are damaged, it is critical to repair them for optimal performance. This option will assist you in obtaining the appropriate services for your damaged part.

25. Part or Accessories Missing

Request OneDios if any element or accessory of your visit cooler is missing. Your device will receive the best materials or accessories.

26. Poor Cooling

If your appliance is not cooling correctly, there could be an issue with the thermostat. As a result, you must submit a repair request to have it repaired by a specialist.

27. Sudden Stop

If your device suddenly stops working, it could indicate an interior problem. It is best to address such a problem right away.

28. Sweating Interior Or Exterior

Moisture intrusion or inadequate thermal insulation can cause sweating interior or exterior of your cooler. Get an expert to help you with this problem.

29. Water Dispenser Not Working

If your water dispenser stops operating, you can submit a request in 60 seconds, and a professional will come out to inspect it and fix the problem.

30. Water Leakage

The main reason behind the leakage is the broken part. If you have a water leak, submit a repair request, and a technician will assist you in repairing the situation.

31. Wheels Not Moving Or Jammed

Damaged wheels need replacement. They either do not move or become jammed. Address this issue by raising a service request with OneDios.

Installation Related Request

The installation-related request comprises the device's installation, uninstallation, or reinstallation. You can select a suitable option for getting the required service. Compared to Bluestar visi cooler customer care, it will only take one minute with OneDios.

1. Demo Request

You can opt for a demo request when you are not familiar with your appliance's working. A professional will give you a demonstration of distinct features of your cooler, which will help you in using your machine to the fullest.

2. Installation Or Reinstallation

If you are relocating to a new house, then it is very likely that you might need professional support to install your appliance. You can get a technician after raising an installation-related request by choosing this option.

3. New Product Installation

A common issue after buying the Bluestar visi cooler is its installation. If you are facing trouble with the complicated wiring and setup of your appliance, then opt for this option to get the solution at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When is meant by a visi cooler?

Visi coolers are also known as Visible coolers. Visi coolers freeze items to a range of one to ten degrees.

Q.2 What are some Bluestar Visi Cooler maintenance recommendations?

Here are some Bluestar Visi Cooler maintenance suggestions:

  • Place the device in a well-lit area.
  • Clean your machine regularly.
  • Maintaining the appropriate operating condition of your device necessitates frequent servicing.

Q.3 What is the distinction between Visi coolers and fridges?

Visi coolers deal with technology that cools the atmosphere for any closed area or huge region, in contrast to the fridge, which uses methane gas to chill typical commodities for a small space.