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Bluestar Air Cooler Service

Bluestar air cooler service provides all the facilities that will be needed during the lifespan of your Bluestar air cooler. This air cooler is a perfect amalgamation of technology and designs. It comes with superfast and powerful cooling along with designs that will suit your room. The simplicity in the design gives classic appeal to its surroundings. The form manufactures air coolers under four main categories, i.e., desert, window, tower and personal air cooler. A Desert air cooler gives you much-needed relief from extremely hot surroundings. Features like thermal overload protection, antimicrobial property, ice chamber or honeycomb pad, make this model even more worth buying. A window air cooler is designed to perfectly sit in your window occupying less space than a conventional air cooler. It has features like wide-angle airflow, auto-fill, works in investor, etc. When it comes to tower air coolers, these are perfect for office usage due to their elevated height. Personal air coolers have features like cross drift technology and nano purification (PM 2.5) to provide you with super cool and pure air. If you are looking for services for your appliance then you can simply use OneDios over Bluestar air cooler customer care as the former won't take much of your time.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

In Bluestar air cooler service, you have the option of the repair request. You can raise it by selecting the issue that you are facing with your appliance. You don't even need the Bluestar air cooler customer care number to submit the request.

Repair Request

If your appliance is not working properly due to some malfunctioned component, then you can make a repair request. A technician will look for possible causes that have hampered the working of your appliance. After detecting the reasons, the technician will solve them. Unlike Bluestar air cooler customer care, you will be given the option to choose a suitable date for the service. Issues that you can face with your appliance are the following:

1. Electrical Shock

If your appliance is producing electrical shock, then it may indicate internal circuit damage. You need to opt for repair service as soon as possible to avoid any accident.

2. Fan Motor Not Working

Problems with the run capacitor can cause fan motor dysfunction. You can get it repaired by an authorised technician provided under Bluestar air cooler service.

3. Fan Speed Not Changing

Again, the fan speed problem is a result of the damaged capacitor. You can get it fixed by a professional.

4. Filters Need Change

If the filters of your air cooler need to be changed then place a repair request for a replacement.

5. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

Fire, spark or burning smell can be indicative of a short circuit of a component inside your Bluestar air cooler. Rectify this issue with the help of a professional.

6. Less Air Flow

Less airflow lead denotes the inefficiency of your appliance. If you are facing such a problem then raise a repair request using OneDios.

7. Noise Problem

Any air cooler produces sound while working and this is quite normal. However, if your appliance is creating sound beyond a certain level then you must get it checked by a professional.

8. Not Cooling Or Working

If your appliance is not cooling or working properly, then raise a repair request to resolve this issue.

9. Packing Damage

If you received damaged packing then you can raise a request to address this problem.

10. Swing Not Working

A fault in the component of your Bluestar air cooler can halt the working of the swing. You can opt for a repair request to rectify this problem.

11. Vibration

If your appliance is giving excessive vibration, then it is recommended that you opt for Bluestar air cooler service.

12. Water Leakage

Water leakage is a common problem with air coolers. If you are facing such an issue, then resolve it by opting for a repair request.

13. Water Pump Not Working

The damaged water pump can hamper the working of your appliance. To retain the efficiency of your appliance, get technical support.

14. Wheels Not Moving Or Jammed

Wheels help in the easy movement of your air cooler. If they are not working or are jammed, then go for a repair request. A technician will then fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What makes air coolers superior to fans?

Normal fans use fan blades to circulate air throughout the room, but they do not produce any cooling. A strong fan is used in room air coolers to appropriately disseminate newly cooled air and to use the rate of evaporation to decrease the temperature of entering hot air. The temperature of dry air can fall dramatically when liquid water converts to water vapour (through evaporation).

Q.2 What are some common causes of air cooler malfunction?

Some common causes can damage your Bluestar air cooler, these are mentioned below:

  • Neglecting regular servicing
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Damaged circuit breaker
  • Malfunctioned components like electrical connections, the compressor, etc.
  • Frozen coil due to clogged ductwork

Q.3 What can I do to maintain the good working condition of my Bluestar air cooler?

You can maintain your appliance by following a few tips:

  • Placing your appliance in an open space
  • Cleaning the outer part of your appliance frequently
  • Cleaning the cooling pads as well as the pump
  • Keep your water tank empty whenever not in use