If you are relying on your laptop for work, school, or just to play games, there’s no doubt that at one point, it will have problems. You know what they say, “Nothing lasts forever.” 

A human body is said to be nothing but a machine; just as the human body requires daily checkups and cleaning, so is your laptop. Expert’s advice that your laptop service is necessary for the long run to keep it healthy and should be done at least once a year. With proper cleaning and proper aid, your laptop is ready for use with lesser risks of sudden breakdowns. Although there may be a variety of explanations for why this happens, some of those reasons are more extreme than others.

Laptop Service

The Most Common Problems:

  • The battery won’t charge
  • The laptop shuts down unexpectedly
  • Laptop attacked by virus or malware
  • Blue screen of death
  • Programs start or run slowly
  • The laptop becomes hot to the touch
  • Laptop’s fan is noisy
  • WiFi or Bluetooth connection issues
  • Keyboard becomes unresponsive
  • Cracked or broken Display/screen

what steps can we do to fix it


If your laptop has not been rebooted recently then, reboot it. Rebooting it might fix the issues and is a simple first step.

Delete temp files

Temporary files are stored on the hard drive while a computer program runs. The removal of those temp files increases the efficiency of the device.

Background programs

Programs running in the background are one of the most common causes for a slow laptop. Delete or disable any TSRs and startup programs that start up any time the laptop boots up automatically.

The benefits of regular Laptop Service :

  1. Extended laptop life

     It will make your device work smoother and last longer when you have daily annual check-ups.

  2. More efficient

     IT experts say that if not serviced, a laptop loses 30 percent of its productivity every year. It can accumulate dust and dirt without servicing, which reduces its effectiveness. The air vents are cleaned during the annual check-ups to make sure that the air your laptop breathes is safe

  3. Minimize repairs

     You’ll save big bucks on laptop repair and maintenance services if you have an expert looking at your laptop every year.

  4. Detect potentially critical conditions early

     Small problems can be detected and addressed before they turn into something bigger that leaves your pocket empty and leaves you with a laptop that doesn’t work. 

  5. Speed up Your Computer:

    There can be nothing more frustrating than a laptop that is processing too slowly. Laptop Service and repair technicians are specialists in running speed and optimization tests that can detect problems and keep the computer running at the optimum speed.

  6. Early Detection of Issues:

    Computers can be temperamental, and we all know that tiny issues can become huge problems before we know them. But getting regular service will eradicate minor problems before they become major problems, and saves you a lot of headaches when the computer starts to age.

Hence, Timely Laptop service is as important as getting a human body checkup.

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