Thinking of something original, thoughtful and inspiring to make your day or the year marvelous. Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, showering love, and going out with something extraordinary for your loved one. Roses, chocolates, and dinners all have their charm and meaning, but a special gift that could sweep your valentine off their feet would be like a cherry on the cake. Make your loved one feel cherished and loved by gifting them an electronic appliance that could excite them and jump up in the air.

You must be in a great relationship to put so much thought and effort into choosing an extra special gift for your valentine. Your gift will now express your feelings about how much they mean to you and how you will be there for them through thick and thin. Love is in the air! And on behalf of the tech lover in your life, nothing says “I love you” quite like a new device.

Here are some things we thought would be a perfect gifting idea for your valentine.

  • For Fitness Enthusiasts

A gift of good health is the best gift to give your partner on valentine’s. If your partner is a fitness freak, avid runner, workout fanatic or yoga devotee, there’s a fitness gift to upgrade their experience and make them extra grateful.

  • A Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker – For a tech-forward guy, a fitness-buff gal, and beyond, a smartwatch/tracker is one of the best gifts you could give. When you give someone a watch, you give them the gift of time. Watches/trackers are durable and long-lasting. It’s got your step tracking, sleep monitoring, and a slew of other functions in a sleek smartwatch. With impressive new fitness features found in the latest Apple Watch models to Android-integrated smartwatches, they make for an unique gift this valentine’s. 
  • Personal Blender – If your partner enjoys healthy eating, a blender with a build bottle is an effortless and convenient way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. These appliances let you quickly make a daily smoothie, protein shake or fruit slushie with minimal washing up.
  • Wireless Headphones/Earbuds – Headphones can make or break a workout (who hasn’t had the frustration of having them fall out, get tangled or run out of battery in the middle of a workout?). Airpods or earbuds let you enjoy hours of music, streaming movies, or talking on the phone endlessly. No more messy wires; these tiny devices offer boundless freedom. Wireless headphones make for a knocking gift idea.


  • For Tech Savvy

This valentine’s day, ditch the mushy gifts and amuse your partner with what they love the most. Help them get their hands on everything they have been yearning for a long time. Surprise them with top-notch digital devices that will accompany them for years.

  • Latest smartphone – If your partner is looking to buy a smartphone and they adore photography, making videos, or ardently loves social media. Look no further; buying him the latest Apple iPhone is the best thing you can do for him. 
  • Game console – If you love playing video games with your partner. Gaming consoles or customisable controllers could be the best gifts for your partner. Several gaming accessories available online that look classy come with excellent grips and interchangeable thumb sticks. Games can make for the best presents. 
  • Instant Camera – Capture your love story instantly with your Valentine in the most unique and trendy way. This will surely be one of the classic Valentine’s gifts you can amuse your partner.
  • Personal Assistant – It is the best feeling to have someone at your beck and call, especially if they play your favourite music or read top news on demand. Alexa from Amazon is one of the most popular voice assistants that can play music, provide news and cricket scores, and control your home via smart automation. 
  • For Music Lovers

Some people don’t just listen to music. They live it! If your partner is a music lover, there are many options to gift him with the perfect gift this valentine’s.

  • Bluetooth speakers – There is a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers in the market. One can take Bluetooth soundbars, mini speakers, or water-resistant speakers anywhere. They are wireless, energy-efficient and offer superior sound quality. If your partner loves to read with classical music in the background or loves to groove to their favourite music in the open, a portable speaker is what they need.
  • Media streaming device – Streaming platforms have become one of the most popular modes of entertainment. Amazon Fire TV Stick offers a bouquet of entertainment and is perfect for binge-watchers. The media streaming device lets you stream videos, install applications, and listen to music on your TV. 


  • For Dazzling Beauty Buffs

For your partner to pamper you and make them feel special, there’s nothing like a new makeup or hair tool to make their day.

  • Hair Trimmer – A well-kept beard is the best accessory a man could wear. Help your man experiment with his facial hair by gifting him an excellent hair clipper and trimmer.
  • Hair Styler – If your significant other or Galentine is into hair, she needs new products and tools. The hair dryer that everyone dreams of! Dyson’s Supersonic protects hair from extreme heat and provides smoothness for every hair type.


  • For Personal MasterChef

Scratching your head about what to get your favourite cook? Gift your valentine an appliance to make your partner’s cooking time fun, fast, healthy and full of flavour. Gifting a useful appliance is a way to tell someone that you care about them and want to be present in their everyday life. Half the fun of gifting someone an appliance is finding the one that perfectly suits them. When you’re gifting someone, there’s no greater satisfaction than giving them something you know they’ll use and love.

  • Espresso Machine – Do they crave caffeine? Why not help them start every morning right with an espresso machine? They’ll be able to get through the day quickly with a premium cup of espresso brewed at home. No more stopping by the coffee shop is needed because they can whip up a cappuccino, latte, or anything else in their kitchen.
  • Blender/Food Processor – Choosing a good blender for Valentine’s Day gifts means making your loved one’s juices or smoothies easier to prepare and quicker to enjoy. Thanks to the wide range of blenders with multiple speeds and blades, blenders can be a handy kitchen tool for more than just drinks. You can use them to prepare soup, mixes, and even mix batters for favourites like pancakes.
  • Juicer – Move over from the traditional juicers and get a juicer as a gift for your dear one. Get a smart revolutionary design juicer with more power. Instead of the normal juicer-cutting process, its squeezing technique helps it to retain more enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from the fruits or vegetables.
  • Waffle maker – Not all women are impressed by flowers. So, if you’re a man buying Valentine’s gift for a woman, it could be wise to break free of the stereotypes and get her something she can use. If your Valentine prepares a big breakfast every week, one kitchen appliance to consider giving for the holiday is a waffle maker. These appliances aren’t just for making waffles, however, because you can also use them for cooking bacon in a pinch, making waffle sandwiches, and more.
  • High-Quality Mixer – Does your valentine like to bake? A high-quality mixer will help them do the job faster if they often bake cookies or cakes. Not only are kitchen mixers impressive looking with gleaming steel, but they’re also powerful enough to get your valentine making multiple cakes a day. Mixers are also handy in the kitchen for uses other than baking, such as whisking, blending, and even juicing.

I hope this will help you choose the right gift for your valentine. You relax and think about what you can get your valentine that they’ll use and like. Consider their habits, likings, and favourites when choosing the perfect thoughtful valentine’s gift. While showering love on your valentine, remember to pour a little love on your appliances too.

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