Using a washing machine has increasingly become a necessity in Indian households. And like other appliances lack of appropriate care or improper service of the washing machine can make it faulty. And in busy households, washing machine problems can create a lot of chaos. Here’s a list of some common washing machine problems to watch out for. We have also listed some simple actions or precautions that can help solve/ minimize such issues.

washing machine problems
washing machine problems

The washing machine doesn’t Start

If your machine doesn’t start, check for any loose connection in the main power switch or check if the fuse is okay. In case you have a front load washing machine, check whether the door lock is working or not. On many occasions, the PCB (the control module) stops functioning. Sometimes, the machine doesn’t start due to overheating, therefore, give it some time to cool down.  And if the problem is still persisting, it is time to call in an expert. Did you know you can use OneDios app to raise a service request to the brand or third party in just a few clicks?  You can download the Onedios app and call for a washing machine service expert here.

The machine is Noisy

A rattling noise while the drum is running could be because something has got stuck in the drum such as coins, debris and bra wires, etc., or degrading of bearings. Running a washing machine with a defective bearing can cause damage. This can also breakdown your washing machine and spoil any clothes lying in it. It is better to check your pockets before putting them inside the machine. To repair this problem by either lubricating the bearing or by getting them replaced, raise a request for a machine service expert by downloading the Onedios app.

The machine Vibrates

This is one of the most common washing machine problems which occurs while washing clothes. The machine tends to bounce either due to excessive clothes or due to an unbalanced tub. In the case of overloading, the suspension mechanism can fail. Also, make sure that your washing machine is placed on a flat surface. You can also buy a stand or a trolley with flexible screws underneath.

The machine won’t fill with Water

Check for the inlet hoses, if the machine doesn’t fill with sufficient water. This is a common problem that can occur due to a blocked hose. If all these things are functioning properly, in that case you need to call for a washing machine service expert.

The machine doesn’t spin

When your washing machine stops spinning, it is an indication of a motor issue or a serious problem. If the machine is overloaded or underloaded, it might not spin. Another reason could be drainage issues or motor carbon brushes that may have degraded.

The machine gets Smelly

When you notice dirt or discoloration of the machine, it is an indication that your washer needs cleaning. If you don’t clean the machine for a long period, the bacteria starts to build up. The machine also tends to smell foul because of low-temperature washes and a liquid detergent. It is important to clean your washing machine at regular intervals and keep it free from dirt and bad stink.

The machine won’t Drain

This is a sign that there is a blockage in the drain hose. Although it is a common issue, can be easily fixed. While checking the low water drainage, empty the water from the machine and check for any blockages due to the gathering of any object. Make sure that your filters are also clear.  If you are planning to buy an extended warranty or AMC of your Washing Machine, why not raise a service request on OneDios?

The machine is tearing the Clothes

A failed thermostat can also lead to overheating of water, which can damage your clothes during a washing cycle. This is also a sign of a possible foreign object in the washing machine.

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