In the contemporary era, our reliance on appliances has increased as they have become integral to our daily lives, facilitating comfort and convenience. However, they are susceptible to breakdowns and malfunctions. Customers either shape the brands or shake them. Without customers, no business can ever reach its potential. Keeping customers happy and satisfied and giving them excellent customer service is essential. Many customers believe that a prompt response from the service team can significantly enhance their experience. They expect their queries to be addressed efficiently and promptly. Response time plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and developing loyalty. In such circumstances, prompt and efficient service becomes imperative. 

OneDios is the answer to all your service management needs, providing a hassle-free platform that enables swift tracking of service requests, instilling confidence in customers and guaranteeing transparency and convenience at every step. This blog will explore how OneDios keeps records and makes tracking service requests a breeze.

  1. Centralised Service Management: OneDios is a centralised platform for managing all your service requests. Whether it’s for your refrigerator, washing machine, television, or any other appliance, you can conveniently track and monitor the progress of your service requests through a single interface. This eliminates the need to contact multiple service centres or remember multiple brand service request numbers, making the process more streamlined and efficient.
  2. Registration of Appliances: To utilise the tracking feature of OneDios, you need to register your appliances on the platform. Registration involves providing necessary details such as the appliance’s brand, model, and purchase date. Once registered, you can access the appliance’s information and service history whenever needed. By having all your appliance information in one place, you can effortlessly keep track of their maintenance schedules, warranty periods, and service requests.
  3. Raising Service Requests: When an appliance requires service, you can raise a service request on OneDios directly from the platform. To ensure a swift and efficient resolution to your appliance issue, please provide us with specific details, such as a description of the problem and any error codes displayed. OneDios ensures that your service request reaches the authorised service centre for your appliance brand, eliminating the hassle of finding the correct contact information for each brand individually. 
  4. Transparent Service Updates: OneDios provides real-time updates on the status of your service request. You can easily track the progress of your request from the moment it is raised until the service is completed. The platform keeps you informed about key milestones such as the appointment scheduled with the service technician, the arrival of the technician at your location, and the completion of the service. This transparency helps you stay informed and manage your time effectively.
  5. In-App Communication: No one likes to wait, and why should they?  When the customers are put on hold for hours or days, it reflects poorly on your business and doesn’t build the customer’s trust in your services. OneDios facilitates seamless communication between customers and service technicians through its in-app messaging feature. You can directly communicate with the assigned service technician, providing additional details or clarifications about the issue. This direct line of communication helps resolve queries quickly and ensures the technician has all the necessary information to address the problem effectively.
  6. Service History and Documentation: OneDios maintains a comprehensive service history and documentation for each registered appliance. This includes details of past service requests, repairs performed, and any warranty claims made. Access to this information is invaluable, as it allows you to keep track of the maintenance history of your appliances, identify recurring issues, and make informed decisions about repairs or replacements.
  7. Extended Warranty Management: OneDios also simplifies the management of extended warranty plans. If you have purchased an extended warranty for your appliance, you can easily register and manage it on the platform. The extended warranty details, including coverage period and terms, are readily available for reference. OneDios ensures that you receive the benefits entitled under the extended warranty, such as scheduled maintenance, timely repairs, and replacements.
  8. Notifications and Reminders: To ensure you get all essential updates and maintenance schedules, OneDios sends notifications and reminders directly to your registered email or mobile number. These notifications include appointment confirmations, service completion notifications, warranty expiry reminders, and upcoming maintenance reminders. These proactive notifications keep you well-informed and help you stay on top of your appliance maintenance.

In conclusion, OneDios simplifies tracking service requests by offering a centralised platform for managing all your appliances’ service needs. Registering your appliances on the platform lets you quickly raise service requests, track their progress, and communicate with service technicians. The transparency OneDios provides keeps you informed at every step of the service journey. Customer loyalty is one of the hardest things to earn. Additionally, the platform maintains a comprehensive service history and documentation, facilitating better decision-making and ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

With OneDios, tracking your service requests becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on your daily routines while ensuring that your appliances receive the necessary attention and care. You can book the service on OneDios here for regular maintenance and repair of home appliances of any brand. With OneDios, getting customer service for any issue is straightforward, quicker, and more efficient.

If you have queries about the extended warranty and AMC of brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc., download the  OneDios app today. At OneDios, we help you take care of all your home appliances. You can raise a service request in a few clicks without calling various people or searching for phone numbers. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. OneDios digitally logs your product’s service history and warranty period and sends reminders. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.


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