Refrigerators being an essential home appliance, are frequently used all day long. Its usage can increase if the fridge’s stuff is organized nicely and neatly. Some of the times things go unnoticed and get spoilt without us even knowing. It is because we cannot see what exactly is inside the refrigerator.

A neatly organized refrigerator saves money and time, reduces food waste and unpleasant smells, and increases the fridge’s efficiency. However, you can extend the life of your refrigerator with timely service and extend the warranty of your appliance.

From stackable bins to additional drawers, there’s a solution to keep any food or beverage visible and easy to grab. Clear containers instead of coloured ones make items more visible and accessible. With advancements in technology, these parts and accessories for your fridge can make the groceries, fruits and veggies last longer and get things more organized.

  • Bottle and Can Organizers
  • Bottle racks, which get attached to the shelves, are a handy space saver. They keep your bottles in place – no more rolling or sliding on shelves.
  • Stackable bottle organizers are also available to keep your beverages chilled and ready to serve. 
  • Can holders are perfectly sized to hold 8-9 cans and are easily visible. Some can organizers also have lids, so you can stack other items on top of them and utilize all available space.
  • These handy, compact accessories stack your drinks neatly, prevent the toppling of bottles and cans, and hold them in place.

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  • Refrigerator Mat and Drawer Liners
  • A simple refrigerator liner does wonders in keeping the fridge hygienic and clean. Spills, crumbs, and mess are easily absorbed and gathered in the liner, preventing stains and mess on the walls and trays of your refrigerator.
  • These are washable and reusable. You take the liners out to wash, dry them and then lay them back. Fridge clean-up feels less of a daily chore with these waterproof liners.
  • Cut them into the shape of your fridge drawers and trays, and you are ready to stack the stuff directly on top of these liners. 

It is advised to keep your refrigerator neat and clean to keep it in immaculate condition. Looking for refrigerator service, you can book your service from OneDios in just 6 clicks.

  • Containers and Organizers for Storage
  • Transparent, clear and stackable storage containers should be used to store leftovers, cut fruits and vegetables, butter, cheese and raw meats. 
  • Preferably, the containers used should be covered with lids, be airtight containers, or have silicon lid seals that ensure no leakages, keep food fresh for longer and prevent the fridge from unpleasant smells.
  • Fridge containers are great for storing both boxed and loose foods.
  • These versatile and functional organizers bring order and visibility to tightly packed refrigerators.
  • Drawer organizers can be attached under the shelves in your fridge, and you have more space to store everything from meats and fruits to veggies. 
  • Eggs should be stored in egg trays or containers with a lid. Covered eggs stay fresh longer.
  • Herb saver is essential to keep the basil and coriander from drying out before you can use them. Herb savers keep your herbs fresh for much longer. It stops wastage and also helps keep the fridge cleaner. Herbs can shed and stain when left for too long.

Filling up the refrigerator helps the unit cool better and operate more efficiently. When stocking up, be careful not to block any vents or controls. Despite regular maintenance, things can sometimes go wrong with a refrigerator, and if you can catch the problem early, you may be able to save the appliance and extend its life. If you wish to avoid the need to search for refrigerator repair near you, then you can contact OneDios for regular maintenance and repairs of the refrigerator of any brand.

  • Magnetic Organizers
  • Magnetic side wall racks are perfect for utilizing the space outside your fridge. These racks are primarily magnetic, so they easily attach to the side of metal refrigerators.
  • The side racks can store dried foods like pasta or hold salt, spice shakers, and other kitchen essentials.
  • Magnetic strips for hanging bottles are also available. Metal-capped bottles can be stored by attaching magnetic strips to the refrigerator ceiling. 
  • Magnetic to-do lists, shopping lists, meal planning pads, and magnets to hold pictures and recipes are also available and make your fridge more functional.
  • Fridge Deodoriser

The unpleasant smells of onion, fish or garlic in your fridge can spoil your other subtly flavoured foods. A refrigerator deodorizer is an excellent way of solving this odour problem. Deodorizer doesn’t require cleaning, just replacement every three months. 

An air purifier keeps bacteria away and leaves your fridge more hygienic and better-smelling. You need to clip the purifier to your fridge shelf.

Hopefully, these accessories will help make your refrigerator more functional and stop waste from things getting stale or unused. The inside of your refrigerator should be clean and hygienic, not dirty, messy, or disorganized. These accessories and products will help keep your fridge clean, organized and easy to use.

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