Regular RO water purifier service & maintenance is key to the smooth working of your RO. Clean water is a big challenge in India because the tap water supply is usually not clean. And installing a RO water purifier is now a proven way to ensure an ample supply of clean water at your home. If RO water purifier service is done well, it can last for up to 10 years or more. Many consumers also choose to buy an AMC to get their RO water purifier service done on regular basis.

RO wate purifier service
RO water purifier service

Making a decision to buy and install an RO at home can be simple, it can be hard to maintain it. Therefore, regular RO water purifier service is very essential to ensure it produces clean water. Here are a few Dos and Donts to maintain your RO water purifier in top working condition:

Read the RO user manual thoroughly

The most important basic tip is to read and understand the RO cleaning process given in the user manual. It is an essential activity and mostly ignored. All RO water purifiers come with a user manual, that gives you complete details on RO parts, dos, and don’ts, working, and tips on RO water purifier service. Most reputed brands such as KENT RO, ZERO B RO, HUL Pureit RO, AQUAGUARD RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, etc. come with a user manual guide. This will help you in maintaining your RO and keep your water filter in a good condition.

Change the RO filters periodically

Over a period of time and usage, the impurities in tap water start to clog and block the filters in your RO. Excessive clogging or blocking has an adverse impact on the ability of the RO to filter water. This affects the quality and quantity of the water that passes through the RO filter. Tap water quality in India varies by city and geography. Therefore it is hard to prescribe a standard time limit when you need to replace filter for your RO. 3 months is a generally accepted norm. That is the reason most OEMs schedule their Ro water purifier service & maintenance visit every 3 months. Please don’t ignore this regular Ro water purifier service need. Even if the filter is not clogged, it is a good idea to have them checked every 3 months.

Drain the RO water purifier storage tank periodically

It is good practice to drain the RO storage tank once every 15 days. Draining lets the RO system fully turn the water in the tank. Usually, we end up using a small volume of water multiple times a day. So, the RO unit keeps on refilling just the top portion of the tank. If the water remains in the storage tank for a longer period of time, there are high chances of germs contamination. That leads to bad smell and taste. If you don’t use a good amount of water, drain the tank every 2 weeks to change the water, and preserve water quality.

Cleaning the RO pipes regularly

Any RO water purifier system uses pipes to connect the water from one filtration process to another. Clean your RO pipes regularly to ensure the RO water purifier works fine. These pipes can get attention at the same time when your inspection of filters takes place.

Don’t ignore any leakages in your RO water purifier

If you notice a leak in your RO, call for RO water purifier service immediately. Leakages can create a lot of problems and can damage your RO unit. You can also schedule a maintenance check-up and make sure that the leak is sealed. Your RO service professional will take care of the same.

RO membrane replacement

An RO filter comes with a semi-membrane, which lets water pass through it. This semi membrane removes the impurities and gives you clean water. Change your RO membrane every 3 months for ideal performance. You should fix an appointment for RO water purifier service, as it is one of the important parts that help in producing clean water.

Regular RO water purifier service

Most of the above tips point towards regular RO water purifier service. Please ensure it happens regularly.

AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract

One of the ways to get regular RO water purifier service is to buy an AMC. Many people ignore this important part and avoid taking AMC for their RO unit. One of the reasons is difficulty in accessing to brand apps, portals, and contact centers, and following a paper trail. OneDios app provides AMC for all RO brands in just a few clicks in an online paperless manner.

OneDios is an end to end stop for all your service, complaints, and RO service requests. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMC’s for all RO brands. OneDios also helps you record, maintain, and access previous service records.

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