In today’s technology-driven world, television has become a central part of our homes, providing entertainment, information, and connectivity. With myriad options in the market, selecting the ideal TV for your home can be daunting. The average lifespan of a TV is 10 years, even if you always leave it on. When you spend a hefty amount for a Smart TV, it is natural that you want it to last long and perform well during its lifespan. LED TVs provide the brightest and most beautiful pictures and are a high-cost investment that no one wants to replace in a few years. In the unfortunate case of a TV breakdown, you can use the OneDios TV repair service team to get it repaired.

The following factors, such as size, display type, smart features, price, screen resolution and audio capabilities, must be considered when choosing the ideal TV for your home.

  • Screen Size – The size of your TV plays a crucial role in your viewing experience. The essential factor in choosing a primary or high-performance TV is screen size. Consider where you plan to place your new set and how many family members typically watch at once. Then, based on your budget, choose the largest screen size that will fit in that space comfortably. Screen size also depends on how close you sit to the TV. Use the viewing distance and TV size guidelines to determine the appropriate screen size that provides an immersive experience without causing eye strain.
  • Display Technologies – Various display technologies are available, each offering distinct features and advantages. LCD/LED TVs are the most widely used TV screen technology. It makes the TV slimmer and provides vibrant colours, a brighter viewing experience, and energy efficiency. If you are looking forward to buying an Extended Warranty plan for your LED TV or LCD TV, download the OneDios app and put in a request today.

OLED is the most expensive type of television, using individual organic pixels that emit light when an electric current passes through it. OLED TVs offer deeper blacks and wider viewing angles. 

QLED TVs combine quantum dot technology with LED backlighting for enhanced colour accuracy. These are said to be better than LED-LCD screens and comes close to OLED screen in terms of performance. Understanding these technologies will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget.

  • Smart Features – Smart TVs are made smart by internet connectivity and app access. They have built-in apps that allow the TV to use its internet and fetch content. Smart TVs have become increasingly popular, offering a range of features such as streaming apps, voice control, and screen mirroring. Consider the availability of your preferred streaming services and the user interface when selecting a smart TV. OneDios can guide you on choosing smart TVs and assists with troubleshooting and software updates to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Audio – Audio quality is often overlooked but is vital for an immersive viewing experience. Always remember that the higher the wattage, the louder the sound output. Assess the built-in speakers and audio enhancements offered by the TV. If audio is a priority, consider investing in a soundbar or a home theatre system. OneDios assists in setting up and optimising audio systems for your TV.
  • Connectivity and Ports – Ensure the TV has good connectivity options to connect external devices like HDMI, USB, and audio outputs. This lets you connect gaming consoles, sound systems, streaming devices, and other peripherals to enhance your entertainment options. Ensure your TV has a minimum of 4 HDMI ports. OneDios can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues and provide guidance on optimal setups.
  • Screen Resolution: Resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the picture on display. More pixels mean sharper images and finer details, so a higher resolution is always better. The 1920 x 1080 resolution, also called full HD, has been the standard for many years. However, there’s been a rapid shift towards Ultra HD, also called 4K, with four times the pixels of HDTV. Hence, small objects have more detail, images appear richer and more life-like, and text is sharper on screen. Ultra HD video looks great, and there is more and more content to enjoy. For any query regarding brightness levels or screen resolution, please call experts at OneDios.
  • Regular Servicing and Maintenance – Regular servicing is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your TV. Always choose a brand with top-notch customer service. The installation and after-sale service should always be excellent. as it builds the company’s name and builds trust.  Read customer reviews because they can help in brand differentiation. Television maintenance is comparatively simple and convenient, thanks to AMCs. Check the cost of the AMC plan for the television as well as the plan’s coverage details. Therefore, buy a reliable brand. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. 

OneDios offers professional TV servicing and maintenance, including cleaning, software updates, and calibration. These services optimise picture quality, prevent potential issues, and extend the lifespan of your TV.

  • Budget and Extended Warranty Coverage – Different brands charge different prices for their television models based on screen size, resolution, display technologies and smart features. Television is a long-term investment, so choose a reliable brand suiting your budget and needs. If you are on a tight budget, choose a basic television with enough features to suit your needs.

An extended warranty is crucial for protecting your investment in a TV. It covers repair and replacement costs beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, safeguarding against unexpected breakdowns. OneDios provides extended warranty plans tailored to your needs, ensuring that you are covered in case of any malfunctions or defects. Choose a television with the most extended warranty. You can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards, by uploading a picture.

Selecting the ideal TV for your home requires careful consideration of size, display technology, smart features, and audio capabilities. OneDios offers comprehensive services, including professional TV servicing and extended warranty plans, to enhance your TV ownership experience. By leveraging our expertise, you can make an informed decision while ensuring optimal performance and protection for your TV.

Remember, investing in regular servicing and an extended warranty ensures your TV functions at its best. It provides peace of mind and cost-effective solutions for any issues. Choose the perfect TV for your home with the assistance of OneDios’s reliable services, and enjoy a superior entertainment experience for years to come. OneDios also keeps track of your previous TV service and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next TV service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all TV brands like LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Haier, etc.


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