Reverse Osmosis, commonly known as RO is the most common water filtration technique used in Indian households, But, what is RO and what does an RO water purifier actually do?

RO helps remove impurities from unfiltered water. It is a special kind of filtration technology, in which, water is deionized by pushing it under the pressure using a semi-permeable, absorbent membrane. This process sieves large molecules or contagion. The water then moves from the more concerted side (more impurities) to less concerted side (less impurities) to offer uncontaminated and clean drinking water. The clean water processed is known as permeate and the left over water is known as brine or litter. Given the pivotal role that the RO filters and membranes play in the process, timely replacement of RO filters and membranes is vital. To optimize the efficiency of your RO unit, regular servicing is essential.

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Why it is essential to change your filters and cartridges?

A filter is like the lungs of your water purifier, filtering detrimental waste product from your drinking water and ensuring only the cleanest and safest water makes its way to you. With regular use, wreckages or fragments can clog the inside of the filter which can damage the filer (or even the RO) permanently. Also, given the filters are carbon-based, they lose their absorbent properties with time and hence need regular replacement. That’s why it is important to maintain to pay close attention to RO and replace your RO filter on time.

How often should RO filters be replaced and serviced?

The pre-filter RO, which is mounted outside the RO water purifier, should be changed within 3 to 4 months, but it depends on the quality and volume of water distilled. The other pre-filters such as, DI cartridge, Carbon and Sediment filter can ideally be replaced within 6 to 12 months, subject to how many gallons of water passes through them, but every filter should be inspected independently. Therefore, to be sure and safe, it is mandatory to get your RO filters changed within 1 year. Whereas, RO membrane should be replaced every 2 years. If RO service is not performed on a regular basis, this could result in pollutants being present in your drinking water, which can be hazardous for health.

While the above acts as a helpful guide, the actual time and frequency of servicing are completely dependent on the amount of water being filtered from your RO, the impurities in your supply tap water, and the service cycle. The bottom line is if you have been using your filter for almost a year now, it is probably time you get it serviced and filters, etc., replaced.

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You can also buy an extended warranty and AMC for all RO brands such as ACROMEC RO, AO SMITH RO, AQUA FRESH RO, AQUA GUARD RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, LIVPURE RO, etc.

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