Investment in TV can be an expensive affair. You spend a lot of time and energy before coming to a final choice. TV is one home appliance that has become essential with everyone locked down in homes. With increased usage, your TV might develop a few problems. Even the best of the TVs can face some issues sometimes. Some of the issues can be easily fixed by you and for others, you might need expert help. Here is a list of the most common TV problems and their solutions:

Common TV Problems And Thier Solutions


1. Auto Power Off


  • You might experience sometimes your tv shutting off on its own suddenly. There can be several reasons behind it. In this case, try the following options:
  • Check whether your TV is on a sleep mode
  • Check if your remote control is working fine
  • Try unplugging all devices connected to the TV and switch it on after few minutes


2. Blue, green, or black screen

This is one of the most common problems Tv owners face. When you see distorted images or a blue-green or black screen, this means your TV is not getting a signal. To resolve the issue follow these steps:

  • Check if you are on the right input signal
  • Make sure devices connected to the TV are turned on
  • Check video connections to all devices 

If this doesn’t solve your problem, you will need professional help with TV repair. You may raise a request with OneDIos for all your servicing needs.


3. There is no sound but the screen is alright

  • There can be numerous reasons behind this TV problem. But you can solve than by trying the following:
  • Check if TV is on mute or any headphones are attached to it
  • Make sure the receiver is turned on, in case you have one
  • Check whether all cables connected properly

If this doesn’t solve your problem, it must be because of a malfunctioning speaker. To fix this, you can request the OneDios app to get the servicing done or for TV repair. 


4. Video and audio not synced properly

Poor picture quality might be the reason for this problem. Try following to resolve the issue:

  • Adjust the ‘ auto-delay’ in the audio settings of your TV or cable box
  • Change the format of the file if playing on DVD


5. TV screen flickers and turns off suddenly

This issue usually occurs in an LED TV. If you try switching it back on, the screen would be fixed, but only temporarily. Try the following to fix the problem:

  • Check if the main processor board needs any repair
  • Try installing a new LED strip pr processor board

Both of the solutions stated above might need expert care. For this, you can raise a request with OneDios for TV repair and other services.


If you are facing issues with your TV in your home or looking forward to buying an Extended Warranty plan for your LED TV or LCD TV, download the OneDios app and put in a request today. OneDios app is a one-stop-shop for all your TV-related issues and queries. We aim to offer a top-class professional facility for repair, fitting, and maintenance work. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without any difficulties. Onedios also keeps the track of your TV service in the past and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next TV service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMC’s for all TV brands like LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Haier, etc.




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