Lockdown times have thrown interesting new challenges at us. One of them is how to effectively work from home and collaborate with your colleagues, teams, friends, customers, vendors and other stakeholders.

Following is a list of tested tools that OneDios team found very useful in its day to day working during these times


Google Hangouts

Free, simple to use and


Initial security scare notwithstanding, zoom had a deep presence in Indian workplace.

Microsoft Teams

Free + premium model but practically free for a SME with need of basic collaboration tools.

Zoho CRM

A great place for keeping your sales team on the same page about progress on your opportunities and keep a track of your funnel.

Google docs

While it still falls short of all the wonderful feature we are used to on the Microsoft platform, its integration with Gsuite, easy availability and collaboration features has made it very popular for co creating document.

Google Drive

The mother pod for files that need regular access and collaboration across devices for the whole team.


Another version of a repository on cloud


Microsoft’s take on the cloud repository

Microsoft One Note

As thoughts take shape and various streams get opened, a nice tool to create and share anything that concerns more than one individual.


A mind mapping tool. Lets you utilize your thinking moments to result in something concrete and go in different directions while keeping track of where all and what all you though. Export features help create documents much faster

Whatsapp chat



Want your technical issue solved? Co create a picture? Give or take control of a screen? Think of Anydesk. Simple, light, effective


Whasapp voice/video calls

the gold standard of call quality. When even the phone netwrok feels scratchy, whatsapp calls have helped carry out long dicussions.


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