Air conditioning is very essential to keep your car cool and relaxed during scorching heat. A regular car service will ensure that your cooling system is working efficiently. The car depends on its air conditioning system to eradicate heat and provide a comfortable driving atmosphere. When the car is parked under the harsh sun, the interior gets boiled up on shocking levels. If you are facing issues with your Car AC, download the Onedios app and raise a service request. We also provide roadside assistance coverage to make your life easy.


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Here are a few tips to maintain your car’s AC during summer:

1.Clean your car:

With time, dirt and bacteria accumulate in the car’s air conditioning system. The bacteria in the car can harm your health and the odor is very bad too. Therefore, it is important to clean and dust your car on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of debris. You should also check for leaves getting sucked inside the cooling system and blocking it. For cleaning or vacuuming your car, why not download Onedios and call for a car service expert.

2. Check the level of Refrigerant:

To keep an AC working efficiently, you should check the level of refrigerant regularly. A low refrigerant will reduce the performance of the cooling system. In this case, schedule an appointment with a car service expert by downloading the Onedios app and avoid the irritation and discomfort of car breakdowns and malfunctions.

3. Clean the Air Filter:

A blocked air filter is responsible for your AC not working properly. A clean filter avoids the evaporator coil from getting dirty faster. Over a period of time, this coil accumulates dirt and due to this dirt the airflow reduces, this makes the cooling system motor work harder than usual. Therefore, clean the air filter on a regular basis.

4. Park your car in the shade:

It is very important not to park your car in the harsh sunlight. Always park your car in a covered area or a proper parking space, this will make the car’s air conditioning system work efficiently and will cool your car quickly. You can also cover your leather seats with a cotton bed sheet or something which doesn’t generate heat.

5. Service your Car AC regularly:

Another important thing is to take an expert’s help to tune up your car’s AC. If a car’s air conditioning unit is serviced at regular intervals, this will enhance the performance of your AC. OneDios is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, and repair requests. Our Car service expert will refill the gas and oil of all the components to make sure they work effectively.

6. Run your Air Con regularly:

Even during cold weather, run your air con at least once a week for 7 to 8 minutes. Adjust the temperature to the coolest setting and the fan at the highest speed. This will maintain the gas pressure at its ideal level. To prevent the car AC from rusting, mold and foul odor run the defrost.

OneDios emergency roadside service coverage will help you with all kinds of mechanical and other breakdowns. Raise a service request on the OneDios App, without having to call multiple people or search for phone numbers. It even logs when you last got your car serviced and parts replaced. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your car today. We will help keep track of all your previous services and you can schedule the next maintenance of your car in advance. Our experts will give you the best advice so that your car can work efficiently. OneDios can also buy an extended warranty and AMC’s for all car brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, etc.




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