Like any other piece of machinery, a regular car service is equally important. It is a no-brainer that regular car maintenance is essential for ideal performance and boosts a car’s longevity. In fact, one should look after the car the same way you take care of your health. This also reduces the need for sudden and expensive repairs in the future. Although the car manufacturers provide you guidance about the timespan and the distance traveled before your subsequent service is due. This is also no secret, that many people postpone getting their car serviced for different reasons. In the long run, it can burn a hole in their pocket.

There is a common question, which most of you have in the mind is, how often you should service your car? The answer depends upon the make and age of your car and also its present condition. All these factors are important, as the tyres can wear out or an engine might fail, which can be troublesome. So, if you are too much busy to get the service of your car done, why not download the Onedios app and book a car service in a few clicks. Here are the various factors that impact how often your car needs maintenance:

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1.Every six months or every 12,000 Km:

You should look at car service once in six months or after every 12000 km. You can use Onedios to book a service for your car. OneDios help you book car service for all major brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, Mahindra, Tata, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Renault, etc.

2. Age of your car:

A new car below 4 years usually has a maintenance period of one year. If your car is older, regular car service becomes even more important as any negligence can cause heavy damages.

3. Automatic or manual

Automatic gearboxes need to remain in pristine condition. while the manual gear cars have visible clutch wear and tear, an automatic need to be maintained well to keep performing well and not give any surprises.

4. Type of fuel:

Diesel cars usually age faster due to higher vibrations and nature of the engine than their petrol counterparts.

5. Car AC

Just like your home AC, a car AC gathers dust and needs its filter cleaned regularly. It is recommended to get an AC check just before the onset of summer.

6. Tyres wear and tear

Check your tyres frequently before they get flat on the road. Make sure that the tyre tread is enough and there is sufficient air in the tyres.

If your car is overdue for servicing or you start to notice issues with your car and you are not feeling up to going to the service center, you can use OneDios to book a car service. You can avoid the irritation and discomfort of car breakdowns and malfunction by raising and maintaining a service schedule on the OneDios App, without having to call multiple people or search for phone numbers.

OneDios is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, and repair requests. It keeps a track of your last service and replacement of any part. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your car today. OneDios will help keep track of all your previous services. You can also schedule the next maintenance of your car in advance. Our experts will give you the best advice so that your car can work efficiently.




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