We are all concerned about finding the right temperature to set our heating during the winter season. The ideal setting makes our homes comfortable while saving energy. The optimal solution is to set the thermostat temperature keeping in mind the temperature outside. The closer your thermostat setting is to the outside temperature, the more you’ll save on Bills and AC service. Especially the majority finds it comfortable to sleep in a cooler atmosphere while covering themselves up in a blanket. You will benefit from following this advice and instituting an energy-efficient winter heating approach. This approach will keep your house comfortable and your heating bills cost-effective.

While we are tempted to turn up our heating to the maximum in the winter season, that’s actually not great. Regularly setting the thermostat to a high temperature during winters will greatly increase your monthly energy expenditure. Indoor humidity levels also play an essential role in adding to the comfort of your house. So how do we program our thermostat to manage the humidity in our homes, saving energy and money in the cold weather? There are simple solutions to achieve the desired setting. Keep reading the blog to learn how to achieve the desired comfort.

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Thermostat Settings for the winter during the day and when you are at home

Setting the thermostat to maximum heating level when it is cold outside is similar to throwing money out of the window. As the temperature outside begins to drop in the autumn and winter, you should switch your thermostat to a winter thermostat setting mode. To attain optimal comfort, the experts recommend setting the thermostat between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home. This is an ideal temperature range, not too hot or cold, and is adequate to keep the house comfortable.

Thermostat Settings for the winter during the night and while you are away

At night or when the house is vacant for an extended period of time, it is advisable to lower the temperature to 58 – 62° Fahrenheit as per reports. When the house residents are asleep and less active, there is a lesser need to spend as much energy as during the day. As we said before, the majority of people find it comfortable to sleep in a cooler atmosphere while covering themselves up in a blanket to keep warm. The lower temperature setting additionally prevents the pipes in the house from freezing when the outside temperature drops and no one is at home.

According to experts, one can save up to 10% on energy bills in a year, if the load is reduced by 10 to 12 degrees for 8 hours in a day. Idea & optimal temperature settings save the most amount of money without sacrificing comfort.

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