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AUDI AG is a German automobile manufacturer. It's been a Volkswagen subsidiary since 1966. Its headquarters are situated in Ingolstadt, Germany. Wanderer, Audi, Horch and DKW came together to form AUDI AG in 1932. These four firms are represented with four rings in the brand's logo. Audi is known for the production of premium cars all around the world. Audi entered the Indian market in 2004. However, it wasn't until March 2007 that Audi India, the German automaker's full-fledged Indian subsidiary, was established as a division of Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. Its headquarters were established in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Then the company developed an extensive dealership network in India, with more than 25 locations spanning more than 11 states and two union territories. Audi maintains seven manufacturing plants in six different countries across the world. However, for the local assembly of its A4, A6, Q5, and Q7 models in India, it uses those established by Skoda Auto India Private Limited in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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Audi Customer Care For Petrol Car

Your new Audi's engine and transmission are cutting-edge engineering wonders, but they require routine maintenance to keep them functioning as intended. However, contacting Audi customer care is a time taking process. Alternatively, you can use OneDios to raise a service request in just one minute.

Audi Customer Care For Diesel Car

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is following the Audi service schedule important?

Regular servicing of your Audi will decrease internal wear during the life of your vehicle. It will also prevent common malfunctions. Additionally, timely servicing will maximise your fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

Furthermore, regular service will give you a better resale value.

Q.2 What is included in the Audi servicing?

A typical Audi servicing includes:

  • Changing filter and oil
  • Checking air filter
  • Checking under bonnet
  • Checking exterior
  • Checking components underneath the vehicle
  • Checking the functionality of lights, warning lamps and horn

Q.3 What is the importance of Audi authorised servicing?

Taking your Audi to an Audi service centre has its importance. Following are some of them:

  • For repairs and service, Audi service centres follow a uniform procedure.
  • Service technicians have access to automated technology and tools to aid in the maintenance and repair of vehicles.
  • For efficient repair, mechanics have access to the manufacturer's requirements and ideas.
  • Authorised Volkswagen service centres are well-organized and follow the best standards in customer care.

Q.4 What is my vehicle's recommended service interval?

At 10,000 miles or one year following delivery, whichever comes first, the first minor maintenance service is necessary. Minor maintenance services are performed at 10,000-mile intervals or one year following the initial service, whichever comes first. The first regular maintenance service is performed after 10,000 miles or one year from the date of delivery, whichever comes first. Following that, standard maintenance services are performed every 10,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

Q.5 How can you book servicing for your Audi car?

Booking a service with Audi customer care is a time taking process. Firstly, you have to search for the Audi customer care number, then contact them, and after a long hold, you will be able to raise a service request. This time-consuming process can be easily replaced with OneDios that will help you place a service request for your Audi vehicle within seconds. You don't have to call customer care or look for its number.

Q.6 How will I know about the next servicing of my Audi?

When you reach your next service interval, a wrench-shaped indicator light on your dashboard will illuminate. The "Service Due" light serves as a gentle reminder that service is due.

Q.7 What is the life expectancy of synthetic oil?

Some synthetic Audi oils are made to last for up to 15,000 miles between oil changes. Use Audi oil that meets the manufacturer's oil quality criteria if your Audi oil recommendation is for extended long-life oil change intervals.

Q.8 What is the recommended oil for Audi?

Audi recommends Castrol® EDGE® Professional engine oil. You can check for the specification in the container label or contact your authorised Audi dealer, who must be keeping the oil in stock, and you can easily purchase it from there.

Q.9 What are some of the features of Audi cars?

Audi cars come with several excellent features like 3-Zone automatic climate control, ventilated seats, semi-autonomous driving, intelligent ambient lighting, dynamic steering and more.

Q.10 How many gears does an Audi A6 have?

Audi A6 has seven gears. These gears move with lightning speed without any traction.

Q.11 What is Active Noise Cancellation?

With cancellation sound, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is utilised to eliminate unwanted noise. The system works on the cancellation sound principles, also known as destructive interference. When two sound waves of the same frequency are overlaid, their amplitudes cancel each other if their magnitudes are the same and have a 180-degree phase offset.

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