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Are you looking for the Aquaguard customer care number? Calling Aquaguard customer care is hassle-free, as Aquaguard customer care’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. You can call Aquaguard customer care toll-free or give them a call, or even message or mail them your query. They are quick in responding.


Eureka Forbes was born in 1982 with the vision of bringing customers happy, healthy, safe and pollution-free living through lasting relationships as ‘Friends for Life’. The award-winning Aquaguard is the flagship water purifier brand of Eureka Forbes. Founded as a joint venture between Forbes and Campbell (a Tata Group company) and Electrolux of Sweden, Eureka Forbes is a multi-product, multi-channel organisation. Eureka Forbes is India’s leading health and hygiene brand. In addition to being one of Asia’s most significant direct sales forces, it has retail, institutional and e-commerce channels, an inventive franchise business partner network, a rural channel and one of India’s most expansive service networks.

Are you searching for the Aquaguard customer care number?

If you're looking for the Aquaguard customer care number to arrange a service for your product, then OneDios will assist you in doing so in seconds. Aquaguard believes service is essential to a water purifier as filters require frequent replacement. Customers should get genuine service and spare parts to ensure 100% pure water. Aquaguard produces high-quality appliances because it cares about its customers. Aquaguard customer service makes your life simpler. OneDios can help you book an Aquaguard RO Water Purifier service call with just one click for all service and repair appointments.

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Aquaguard Water Purifier Customer Care

RO water purifiers use the process of Reverse Osmosis for clarification of the water. Aquaguard has a wide range of RO water purifiers suitable for consumer requirements. These water purifiers need regular servicing so that you will receive an uninterrupted supply of pure drinking water. You can book a service for your Aquaguard water purifier through Aquaguard customer care or OneDios. You can buy an AMC for Aquaguard water purifier by downloading the OneDios app or visiting the OneDios website.

OneDios can help you book an Aquaguard Water Purifier service call with just one click for all service and repair appointments. OneDios wants to change the way people connect with help desks. This vision encompasses all of the products and services people use. You can buy an Aquaguard water purifier AMC by downloading the OneDios app or visiting the OneDios website. Your service visits are set immediately as per your service plan. With the press of a button, you can also book a support ticket with Aquaguard customer care at your convenience in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the different types of pollutants that can be found in water?

Impurities and suspended pollutants like dirt, dust, sand, germs, viruses, etc., can be retained or dissolved in drinking water. Water-soluble contaminants include chemicals, lead, fluoride, and heavy metal ions such as mercury, copper, and arsenic. If you are facing such issues and want to get rid of them, contact OneDios and auto-schedule your Aquaguard customer service visits per your service plan in just one click.

Q2. Who installs and maintains the water purifiers?

An expert from OneDios will install and maintain the product. With Aquaguard Customer Care, you may create an Aquaguard RO service ticket on OneDios in seconds.

Q3. Does a water purifier remove minerals?

Aquaguard will not reduce essential minerals from water. It comes with Patented Mineral Guard Technology that helps retain essential natural minerals like calcium and magnesium, which ordinary water purifiers deplete during purification.

Q4. How to contact Aquaguard customer care? Do you have any dedicated service helpline?

Aquaguard has the largest after-sales network in India, with over 1100 service centres and ~8500 trained service technicians. It has a dedicated service helpline which is active 24X7. The helpline number is 18602661177 / 18008901177.

Q5. Which type of water purifier is best for your home?

Different water conditions require different technologies to purify water. Water with High TDS (0 - 2000 mg/litre) requires RO purification. UV technology is best suited for purifying water with Low TDS (up to 200 mg/litre).