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In 2008, AO Smith became the first U.S. water heater manufacturer to enter the Indian market. The AO Smith Customer Care team consists of bright people who are eager to provide the best possible service to their customers. Their wide range of products are designed to fulfil the demands of the clients.AO Smith's geyser and water purifier are matchless in terms of looks and providing high-quality performance. They provide solutions for both residential and commercial use.The tie-up between AO Smith and OneDios has notably enhanced client service further. Clients can now list their geyser or water purifier to have access to the best services on OneDios. Now there is no need to call AO Smith customer care number. Customers can buy an extended warranty or an AMC directly from the brands on OneDios in addition to service.

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AO Smith Geyser Customer Care:

Mornings are so much better with smart geysers! They let you choose how much hot water you want and at what temperature you want it, and then the water is heated to your needs. As a result, the customer saves time as well as energy.Any problem with the geyser is bothersome, especially in the winter. There's no need to replace your geyser right away if it fails to generate hot water. It might start working again after a few simple repairs.So, if you're looking for the AO Smith Geyser customer care number or AO Smith water heater customer care to service or repair your geyser, you may use OneDios customer service to fix a service call in less than a minute.

AO Smith Water Purifier Customer Care

Every human being needs clean drinking water. Therefore, having a water purifier in your home ensures that your water is always safe, clean, and free of bad taste.Finding pure, and clean drinking water is very hard because of the increasing population, industrial growth, and environmental degradation. Water purifiers are a must-have for clean drinking water. A properly working water purifier removes contaminants from the water and protects you from a variety of health problems.You can service your water purifier as soon as possible by contacting OneDios. You won't have to hunt down and call the AO Smith water purifier customer care number or AO Smith RO customer care, which saves you time and effort.

FAQs about AO Smith Customer Care:

Q1. My water heater is making tie-up Noises, what should I do??

The water heater is in charge of heating cold water for use in the bathroom, kitchen, and for washing clothes in the house. When the water heater starts to make noises, it can be hard to find out what's wrong and how to fix it, especially if the noise is continuous.Lot of problems with a hot water heater should be handled by an expert. Regularly servicing your water heater will help you avoid a situation like this. If you are looking for AO Smith Water heater customer care or AO Smith customer care no, you can easily book a service call on OneDios.

Q2. How long does an RO system last?

It will last nearly forever if you service it often and replace damaged parts like the storage tank and valve. A membrane's life varies from 2 to 5 years, depending on the sort of water it processes.You can create a support ticket for the RO service on the OneDios app. OneDios gives simple access to customer service from the company without having to call AO Smith RO customer care or the AO Smith call center.

Q3. What is the best way to maintain a water purifier?

Having your water purifier serviced on a regular basis ensures that it is always running at its best. It also offers you a sense of security because the parts used are authentic.An AMC make it simple to keep a home water purifier in good working order. You can get AMC through the OneDios app rather than calling AO Smith water purifier customer care.

Q4. What happens if you switch on the geyser but there's no water?

Because of the thermostat, nothing bad will happen to the geyser. Since the thermostat will automatically turn off the geyser once the desired temperature is reached, even if the geyser is still on.

Q5. Is it feasible to fix a geyser that appears out of nowhere?

Such instant geyser issues can be resolved by cleaning the geyser on a regular basis. Some parts of the geyser may be rusty, therefore keep the tank clean to avoid such issues. A leaking geyser is easy to spot, but fixing it can take some time. You can use the OneDios app to book a service call for your geyser in a single click instead of calling AO Smith Water Heater customer care.

C Cheruku Venkatesh

  • 10-Jan-2023

Not working

S Sukhi sandhu

  • 06-Jan-2023

No hot water

n nitin

  • 01-Aug-2022

need installation and service


  • 24-Jul-2022

i require service provider's assistance in servicing the water purifier which was purchased during the year 2020 our address: VSN MURTHY B-701 VAZHRAA VIHHARI SRI LAXMI NAGAR COLONY BESIDE MANIKONDA SPORTS CLUB MANIKONDA HYDERABAD-500089

F Furkhan Ahmed

  • 15-Jul-2022

need water purifier first service

A Ajith

  • 10-Jul-2022

Geyser is not working

R Ravinuthala Subrahmanyam

  • 09-Jul-2022

AO smith water purifier installation due to change of home needs to be done

R Ravi

  • 07-Jul-2022

A.O Smith geyser not working

M Mintu

  • 21-Feb-2022

I am surprised by the Aquaguard Customer care people. All brands try very hard to sale the products but customer experience is not that good during service