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American Micronic Customer Care

American Micronic is a home and kitchen appliances manufacturing brand. From using the latest technologies to manufacturing trendsetting designs, the company has designed numerous products with excellence. Usage of superior quality materials makes these products top-notch. As a result, they last for more extended periods. The products are made with customer comfort in mind. American Micronic gives the best customer service during and after the product purchase. The firm focuses on customer satisfaction; therefore, they offer excellent after-sales services. It provides a minimum of one year warranty for all its products and quickly repairs or replaces a defective piece. Furthermore, the company has a dedicated Research and Development Department that innovates products based on consumers' demands and comfort. The firm constantly strives for improvement and therefore is loved by many consumers across India.

American Micronic Customer Care

American Micronic offers plenty of home and kitchen appliances. They are built with the best quality materials and therefore have powerful performance. Different products need servicing from time to time. It will extend the appliance's lifespan. Therefore make sure you get it done through OneDios or American Micronic customer care.

American Micronic Water Heater Customer Care

American Micronic has produced several water Heater with different features. These are built with glass-lined steel bodies and are energy efficient. They also come in various water holding capacities to choose a suitable water heater.

Although water Heater remain in good condition for long periods, you can still increase their lifespan with annual servicing. You can book a service by contacting American Micronic customer care. Alternatively, you can use OneDios, through which you can raise a service request in just 60 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why your American Micronic water heater is not working?

There could be a few possible reasons for this problem:

  • Problem with the in-line valve
  • Pressure relief valve damage
  • Broken heating element
  • Cracked dip tube

The above issues can be solved through servicing. Use OneDios or contact American Micronic customer care for your water heater servicing.

Does American Micronic provide home services?

Yes, the firm provides services at home for American Micronic products.

How can you book an after-sale service of American Micronic?

You can book an aftersale service by contacting American Micronic customer care. However, it is a time taking process. Therefore, you can use OneDios, wherein you can raise a service request for American Micronic in just 60 seconds.

How will you know about the status of your product after giving it for servicing?

American Micronic authorized service centers to inform you after the servicing of your product via the number you provided at the time of depositing the appliance.

What is the minimum warranty period provided by American Micronic for its products?

American Micronic gives a minimum of one year warranty for every product.

OneDios is an ideal platform for raising all your service requests. So, you don't have to contact American Micronic customer care or any other brands' customer care.


OneDios is a web-based service request system that allows you to submit a service request for any brand instantly. The thought of scheduling a product's service usually conjures up images of long lines and extended wait times. You won't have to worry about this anymore with OneDios, which will allow you to book a service for an American Micronic product in less than 60 seconds. You won't have to call American Micronic customer care or wait long for a service appointment. OneDios eliminates looking for and dialing the American Micronic customer care number. Usually, you will be put on hold for an extended period after contacting customer services. These lengthy procedures might be aggravating at times. However, with OneDios, you will be able to raise a service request by looking for American Micronic, choosing the product you wish to arrange services, and submitting a service request. Furthermore, OneDios has worked with several other companies so that you can raise service requests for the majority of your appliances from a single platform.