Akai Customer Care

Are you searching for Akai customer care to book a service for your product? Then your search ends here with OneDios, which will cater to your need to book a service in a matter of seconds.


In 1946, Akai was first established as Akai Electric Company Ltd in Tokyo, Japan. After acquiring the Akai brand, Grande Holdings currently sells a variety of electronic items, including smartphones, LED TVs, washers, clothes dryers, and AC units, through partnerships with other electronics firms having the necessary knowledge. Akai offers a wide range of AC with high energy-efficiency at competitive prices. From split to window ACs, the firm gives a wide for both home as well as office usage. Apart from ACs, Akai has a variety of televisions that meets the demand of today's generation. You will get wider screens with superior picture quality at affordable pricing.

Are You Searching For The Akai Customer Care Number?

Are you trying to find the Akai customer care number to have your appliance inspected? Subsequently, you are in the correct place. Without needing to hunt out the Akai customer support number, OneDios provides a channel where you can submit a service request for any product.

Akai Customer Care

The traditional way to make a service reservation is through Akai customer service. You must first look up their phone number and then call them. After that, you will have to endure several lengthy holds before speaking with a customer service representative. The procedure frequently takes a long time and wears you out.

Akai AC Customer Care

Akai AC customer care can assist you in arranging service reservations. The AC requires routine maintenance checks because of general wear and tear. Therefore, you will inevitably need to schedule a service for the item. It takes a while to contact Akai AC customer service ; in contrast, you may submit a request on OneDios in less than 60 seconds.

Akai TV Customer Care

Akai TV customer care can help you in scheduling a service for your Akai TV. If your appliance is showing any abnormality or it is not working properly, then it is best to go for its service. A professional can tell you the main reason behind any dysfunction. However, in this world where you need everything quickly, its not a wose choice to opt for Akai TV customer care to resolve your query. A better alternative is to use OneDios which doesn't take a lot of your time.

Why OneDios?

OneDios is a portal for submitting any kind of service request for different appliances. Following are some benefits of using OneDios over Akai customer care:

  • Quick: Without a doubt, OneDios raises your request much faster than Akai customer service. On OneDios, it takes just 60 seconds to book a service, however it can take an hour or more when using customer service.
  • No Calling: It goes without saying that finding the correct customer service number for your appliance takes time. You don't need to phone someone to make a request with OneDios, though. To arrange a service, all you need to do is visit the platform's official website or mobile app.
  • Simple to Use: You can easily and quickly explore the site thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Without an HD TV, is it possible to watch HD channels?

Yes, with the aid of an HD set-top box, you may watch channels labelled as HD on your non-HD TV. The only issue you will have is with the quality. The pictures won't be as sharp and clear as they are in HD. The image quality will be equivalent to that of a regular non-HD channel, to put it simply.

Q2. What should one take into account when purchasing a TV?

It is necessary to take into account a few aspects that may have an impact on an appliance's use and lifespan before purchasing one. When planning to purchase a new TV for yourself, it's important to take several factors into account. These include the TV's size, brand, intended use, screen type, cost, warranty, smart features, etc. Before making a purchase, consider what you need and arrange the elements according to your budget. To learn more about this in-depth, you may also refer to our TV purchase guide.

Q3. What is a smart TV?

Similar to smartphones and other smart home gadgets, smart TVs provide internet access and compatibility for a variety of apps. It gives you the option of browsing the internet, checking your social media, playing games and streaming videos on OTT platforms. You can connect it with compatible devices such as voice assistants as well.

Q4. Is it probable that the water in my ac is seeping?

All air conditioning units release water as a waste product of cooling. Normally, it empties into the drain pipe. If the outlet on your appliance is not periodically cleansed, dirt will build up over time and fluid may leak out. Consequently, it is a good idea to prevent placing anything that could cause trouble to your air conditioning unit.

Q5. What are a few of the common AC issues?

Recognizing the most common problems with AC systems can help you prevent breakdowns to a considerable extent. The following are a few of the most typical AC issues:

  • Problem while switching on
  • Air conditioner produces hot air rather than cool air.
  • Every time the AC is turned on, the unit trips a fuse due to short cycling
  • AC producing odd sounds or noises
  • Bad odour released by your air conditioner

By submitting a service request using OneDios, you may rapidly fix all of the aforementioned problems.