OneAssist One Year UNLIMITED Service Plan for Appliances

2,599 3,399 24% off

Unlimited Service is a “service only” plan for Air Conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave and Water Purifier.

~ You also get 2 free Preventive Maintenance Visits for Air Conditioners.

~ It covers the labour and commuting expenses of the service expert but does not cover the cost of spare parts and consumables (If required).

~ We repair your product and provide a 30 day service guarantee

~ Up to 15% off on Genuine Spare Parts

~ Applicable for Residential Premises only.

  • 2 Wet Cleaning Service Visits for AC(s)
  • Service of Upto 6 ACs Covered
  • Breakdown visits of Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, Water Purifier Covered
  • Zero Service Fees – each time we repair
  • Get up to 15% off on genuine spares

Unlimited Service Plan (USP) can be bought for the following product(s)/appliance(s) of all brands subject to exclusions and special conditions mentioned hereunder:
• TELEVISIONS – Panel TVs (LCD or LED) are covered, Box TVs are excluded
• AIR CONDITIONERS – Window, Split and Inverter
• REFRIGERATORS – Only Refrigerators meant for domestic use will be covered
• WASHING MACHINES – Maximum capacity of the Washing Machine can be 9.9 kg
• MICROWAVE – Built-in Microwaves are excluded
• WATER PURIFIER – Non-electric water purifiers are excluded
• USP provides services in relation to the labour and commute of the service expert for repairing of appliance(s) against functional breakdowns (electrical & mechanical breakdown) on an onsite service basis. Any costs incurred for replacing the parts/components, or transporting the unit to the service center and back for repairs is not covered in the plan.
• USP entitles you for unlimited number of service visits subject to the condition that service requests are raised for purpose of repair of declared appliances. Please note that this is decided by the number of visits configured at the plan level. In certain plans, OneAssist may decide NOT to offer free breakdown service visits, but only PMS visits

Free Service 2 Free Service Visits per Year for ACs (Upto 6 ACs covered / Visit)
Appliances Covered Air Conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, Water Purifier

~ Any spares that may be repaired/ replaced will be billed to customer at actual prices (with applicable discounts if/any) and applicable GST. Customer will be provided a bill by OneAssist’s Authorized Service Partner. Mode of payment shall be mutually decided between customer and Service Partner. Customer will be liable to pay the complete bill amount directly to the Service Partner prior to completion of the repair service, failing to do so will result in denial of service.

~ However, if the same problem is reported within 30 days of the repair, it will not be treated as a new repair but a repeat issue. In all such repeat cases, customer will be required to retain the original bill provided for repair/ replacement of spares or consumables to avail services.

~ We will provide 30-day service guarantee for any spare parts that have been repaired/ replaced.

~ Customer has the choice of procuring the spare parts on his own also, but then you will not be eligible for OneAssist’s 30- day Service Guarantee. In such instance, if the part fails due to any reason customer will be responsible for the same and will have to re-pay to buy that part again

~ You may be entitled to preventive maintenance visits during the plan period for Air Conditioners. You will need to request for the preventive maintenance visits by calling up our helpline. The process of preventive maintenance involves cleaning the clogged Filters, Coils and Fins of your air conditioner to optimise its performance. Any leak fix and Gas charging is not covered in the preventive maintenance visits under the Plan. Service Requests for preventive maintenance visits will not come under 6-hour response time promise. Such requests will be closed within 7 days of raising a request. You will need to get all your covered ACs cleaned in a single visit. Please note that the number of PMS visits is configured at the plan level. In certain plans, OneAssist may decide NOT to offer PMS visits, but only breakdown service visits.

~ OneAssist through its Authorized Service Partner will perform the repair services on a best effort basis, and does not take the responsibility of restoring the defective product to its prior working condition if the required spare parts / tools / consumables are not available to fulfil the repairs.

~ All the products covered under the plan should be at one single address, under one roof (maximum 6 rooms) and used for domestic purposes only. OneAssist will not be liable for any service requests under the program if the product is being used in a commercial establishment. Products used in an office environment, in which administrative, clerical or professional activities are conducted, fall under this exclusion.

~ Address change is not allowed in this plan. If you change the address, plan will be cancelled and no refund will be allowed.

~ OneAssist shall not be liable to provide repair or replacement of spares in cases where spare parts of the product that are not commercially available in the local market.

~ 10 days Return Policy
~ In case of Return, 2% Convenience Charges will be deducted
~ In case of Return, Amount will be credited to the account within 15 days.

~ 10 days Return Policy
~ In case of Return, 2% Convenience Charges will be deducted
~ In case of Return, Amount will be credited to the account within 15 days.

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