Ayush Herbs Hadjora Capsule - Musculo Skeletal Support


Suggested Use
~ Adult– 1 tablet/caplet thrice a day with milk after meal or can be increased to 2-3 tablet/caplet thrice a day in acute cases.
~ Child (less than 10 years of age) -1 tablet/caplet twice a day with milk after meal or as directed by your health provider.

Doctor’s Suggestion
~ It’s important to eat a diet rich in calcium, including high-quality vegetables such as spinach, kale, asparagus and root vegetables.
~ Avoid cold & junk food. Regular exercise & Yoga are important for maintaining joint mobility and making the joint muscles stronger.

Standardized Extract of Hadjora (Cissus quadrangularis)

~ Fractures
~ Tendonitis
~ Soft Tissue Injuries
~ Degenerative Changes of Bones and Joints

Weight .1 g
Type Capsules
Quantity 60 Capsules

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