With the ultimate goal of expanding our services, OneDios is constantly working hard and making every effort to spread our services by increasing the choices of our customers as much as possible. Onedios partnership with ZeroB is an attempt to work together to deliver the highest level of pure water solutions and service to our customers.

Zero b repair and annual maintenance

ZeroB has pioneered in the field of the revolutionary RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology, in India. A brand of Ion-exchange India Ltd, it has a strong National and International presence. ZeroB, with its quality products, has emerged as one of the premier Environment and Water Management companies in India. Many path-breaking innovations in the field of water technology have been the achievement of the company. The uniquely patented technology such as ESS, HRR, and RESIN technology has left their imprint in the field of customer service by providing a one-stop water treatment solution for your home and the community in general. It promises to offer you water that is pure and safe for drinking and product under various categories such as UV, RO and Alkaline are crafted with meticulous attention to detail so that it provides ultimate protection against all water-borne diseases and ensures complete protection to your family.

Why do you need an annual maintenance plan?

An annual maintenance service plan has been designed to provide a great servicing experience for our customers. The benefits of having a service plan include

  1. It Ensures Safe, Clean, Pure, and Healthy Drinking of Water
  2. Minimization of Sudden Breakdowns
  3. Reduces Costly And Untimely Repair Expenses
  4. Keeps Your Water Purifier as Good as Possible
  5. Certainty and Safety

Why Onedios?

Onedios is committed to providing hassle-free customer service. An AMC plan with Onedios is tailored to the needs of customers.
We provide qualified engineers with years of experience with High-quality maintenance and repairs and authentic quality spare parts Professionals with service expertise Service at your convenience and doorstep service Preventive maintenance services and quality repairs. ,


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