Everyone has had an appliance that broke down, and the technician couldn’t fix it for a reasonable price, or the parts to be replaced were no longer available. So, it was convenient to throw it and buy a new appliance with the latest technology. Buying replacements is expensive, but it is dangerous for our planet. Our devices, whether refrigerators, washing machines, television, or any electrical appliance, all contain a lot of harmful chemicals that end up in our soil, water and air if not correctly disposed of. However, getting our appliances repaired is legal, but many manufacturers ensure there are limits on access to spare parts and replacing parts sometimes is very expensive.

The Right to Repair refers to government legislation intended to allow consumers to repair and modify their own consumer electronic devices, where otherwise, the manufacturer of such devices requires the consumer to use only their offered services. 

Simply put, the Right to Repair is the consumer’s right to repair the goods they purchase. The companies should provide repairable products, and consumers should be given access to official repair manuals, spare parts and affordable repair services. Under this law, companies would be required to provide consumers with information on how to fix their appliances or get it done from third parties rather than depending on manufacturers. 

The law also seeks to harmonise trade between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and third-party buyers and sellers, thereby generating new employment opportunities.

How will the Right to Repair benefit?

  • It will be a boost in the right direction for local and small repair shops.
  • It will aid in reducing the heap of e-waste which ends up in landfills every year.
  • By extending the lifespan, maintenance, re-use, upgrade, recyclability, and waste management of appliances will help achieve the objectives of a sustainable society.
  • It will save consumers valuable money.

Why do we need the Right to Repair?

  • Planned obsolescence is being encouraged by manufacturers these days. A business strategy where manufacturers deliberately build appliances to stop working after a certain period and must be replaced. The same is the case with mobile and laptop software updates which aren’t designed to be compatible with each other, so you have to upgrade rather than repair. This keeps consumers’ buying and profits flowing. 
  • Manufacturers avoid providing repair manuals to consumers to make repairs easy. The technical service/product manufacturers don’t give consumers access to all available manuals and software updates.
  • Customers risk losing the product’s warranty by getting it repaired by unrecognised third parties.
  • Consumer’s Right to Choose is violated when manufacturers maintain exclusive control over spare components, including their design.
  • Right to Repair will encourage the Reuse and Recycle goals for sustainable living and considerably reduce e-waste, saving the environment drastically.

The Right to Repair law is all about giving consumers a choice. It gives you the right to fix or get repairs done on the products you have purchased. Thus, making the appliances easier to repair and cheaper to run. And it aims to reduce e-waste by extending the lifespan of certain appliances by up to ten years.

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