Several hormones releasing glands contribute to the normal functioning of the body. The thyroid gland also plays the same role by regulating the body’s metabolic functioning through thyroid hormones. A butterfly-shaped, thyroid gland, placed at the base of the neck, releases the thyroid hormone (TH). The thyroid hormone plays a major role in how our bodies function. And an excess or deficit in this hormone can impact your energy level, weight, metabolism, heart rate, bowels, mood, cholesterol levels, bones, women’s menstrual cycles, It also regulates many more internal chemical reactions needed to produce energy and nutrients for the body. If you are searching for a Thyroid test in Delhi, consider the following first:




When the gland produces a lesser amount than required, and hyperthyroidism, when it produces an excess amount, are the most known problems related to the thyroid gland.

This makes it necessary to know when to visit a doctor in case the thyroid indicates some health issues. This can cause major disruption in the regulation of your hormones and the functions of the body. If you face any of the following health issues, please search for thyroid tests in Delhi and raise a request for a thyroid test on the OneDios app.

Some of the health issues that may point to thyroidal check-ups are:

Significant weight loss or gain

This depends on whether your gland is producing an excessive amount of hormones or in a lesser quantity than required. So sudden weight loss or gain, irrespective of the food habits, and feeling of tiredness, fatigue, or like your muscles are weak could be potential symptoms.


The excessive release of hormones increases the body’s metabolism, which could result in the sudden pounding of your heartbeat. The fluctuations in the heartbeat and sweating also indicate a thyroid-related problem.

Mood swings

If you have feelings of anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability, and extra sensitiveness, then it is advisable to visit the doctor for having a thyroidal diagnosis.

Disturbance with menstrual cycles

Women of all ages are more likely than men to have low thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid issues may affect their menstrual cycles. This is especially true with both hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.


All you need is a simple blood test to get the levels of your thyroid hormones checked. You can simply search for thyroid tests in Delhi and book an appointment for a thyroid test from OneDios. You can do it just with a tap of your phone, from the safety of your home, without having to visit anywhere.

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