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Which AC mode is best in humid weather and monsoons?

AC service OneDios and how to best use your AC during different weather conditions

There was a phase when air conditioners just had an on/off switch with limited additional options. But, thanks to innovation and state-of-the-art technology, new air conditioners now provide various features along with numerous modes of operation. The settings are very easy to understand, adaptable to all the seasons, and help you in making the best use of your air conditioner. Otherwise, you end up blowing your air conditioning unit at full blast all the time and then have to switch it off because you are freezing! Did you know humidity has a big part to play in how effective your AC is? Humidity is the presence of dampness in the atmosphere. When there is the high moisture content in the air, sweat doesn’t evaporate, causing your body to overheat and you end up all sweaty and sticky. Therefore, the question arises,

Which AC mode is best during humid weather?

The aircon “Dry mode” is ideal for the humid season. This mode tends to reduce the humidity in the room by cycling the compressor on and off for a short duration of time automatically while the fan continues to run at a low speed. The dry mode permits the air conditioner to blow cold air inside the room in a restricted manner as its foremost intent is to dry the air and not to reduce the temperature of the room, making it bearable and comfortable. On a particularly humid day, when your sweat starts rolling down all over the body, Dry mode will be your savior.

Do all AC units have Dry Mode?

No, not every Aircon has this feature. It is not a very common feature for window ACs but most split and central air conditioning units have it these days. You will find it on brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Daikin, Carrier, Voltas, etc. You are less likely to find it on window ACs and non-brand ACs.

When should you use Dry Mode:?

The AC dry mode is a function meant for specific weather conditions. You can use the dry mode when:-

  • In case the temperature is manageable, but the humidity is at its peak
  • When you don’t require cool air, use the dry mode
  • During monsoon

The dry function is most appropriate during times in the year when the humidity is at its peak especially during rainy weather. Although the temperature may not be scorching hot, the humidity level may make one irritable and uncomfortable. This is the perfect time to utilize Dry mode. Though it won’t eradicate all the dampness in the room, it will certainly make a difference.

This is also an energy-saving mode during high moisture days, as the fan motor runs at a slower speed and the compressor as well is ON for a short period, therefore, less energy is required, which eventually reduces the monthly bill. The purpose is to dry the air and not to chill the room. It is vital to note that it does not function as an air dehumidifier as it does not suck all the dampness from the room, rather sustains the room’s comfort at a comfortable 60% moisture. To get the most out of the dry mode, you need to ensure your AC is functioning properly.

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