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Navigating Common Summer Electrical Problems

As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, summer brings a unique set of electrical challenges that can disrupt the smooth functioning of your home. Excessive heat can significantly impact the performance and lifespan of your devices, possibly causing malfunctions and decreased efficiency. From air conditioners working overtime to increased usage of electrical appliances, your electrical system can face stress during the hotter months. A similar situation could happen if you neglect to maintain, repair, and keep your appliances cool during the summer. Have you been neglecting the servicing and maintenance of your appliances? Set up a customer care service appointment for your appliances with OneDios before the summer heat becomes unbearable.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most common summer electrical problems and provide valuable troubleshooting tips to help you keep your appliances and electrical systems running smoothly.

Problem 1: Overloaded Circuits

The Issue: With air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, and other cooling devices running simultaneously, your home’s electrical circuits can become overloaded, leading to tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.

Troubleshooting: To prevent overloads, distribute the usage of high-energy appliances throughout the day. If a circuit trips frequently, consider moving some devices to a different circuit or upgrading your electrical panel’s capacity. OneDios offers several services that can significantly assist in managing and maintaining your home electronics.

Problem 2: Flickering Lights

The Issue: Flickering lights can occur due to voltage fluctuations caused by increased power demand in the summer. This can be especially noticeable when air conditioners turn on or off.

Troubleshooting: Check if the flickering is consistent or only occurs when specific appliances are used. Consider consulting an electrician to assess your electrical system’s stability if it’s widespread. Download the OneDios app now.

Problem 3: Air Conditioner Issues

The Issue: Air conditioners are workhorses during summer, and problems like inadequate cooling, strange noises, or frequent cycling on and off can arise.

Troubleshooting: Check and replace the air filter regularly. Clean debris around the outdoor unit. If problems persist, it’s best to call a professional air conditioning technician to diagnose and repair the issue. OneDios provides a platform to schedule air conditioner maintenance, including filter cleaning and servicing, ensuring that your cooling system operates efficiently.

Problem 4: Increased Energy Bills

The Issue: Summer often comes with higher energy bills due to increased appliance usage and cooling needs.

Troubleshooting: Opt for energy-efficient appliances and consider using a programmable thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature. For any query regarding energy-efficient appliances, please call experts at OneDios. Also, ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent cool air from escaping.

Problem 5: Electrical Surges

The Issue: Summer thunderstorms can lead to electrical surges that may damage your appliances and electronics.

Troubleshooting: Use surge protectors to safeguard sensitive devices like computers and TVs. Unplug devices during storms if possible. These systems protect your home by diverting excess voltage from all the connected appliances and devices. If you experience frequent surges, consult an electrician to evaluate your home’s grounding and surge protection. For getting whole-house surge protection contact the OneDios customer service team for assistance.

Problem 6: Outdoor Electrical Hazards

The Issue: Exposed outdoor wiring can be prone to damage from the elements or lawnmowers.

Troubleshooting: Inspect outdoor outlets, wiring, and extension cords for damage. Make sure outdoor outlets have weatherproof covers. Keep cords away from high-traffic areas.

Problem 7: Tripped GFCI Outlets

The Issue: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets can trip due to excess moisture in summer.

Troubleshooting: Press the “reset” button on the GFCI outlet to restore power. You may have water infiltration or a wiring issue if it continues to trip. Contact technicians at OneDios to address the problem.

Problem 8: Voltage Fluctuations

The Issue: Voltage fluctuations can damage sensitive electronics and appliances.

Troubleshooting: Use voltage stabilisers for devices that are susceptible to fluctuations. During summer power outages, it’s advisable to unplug your electronic devices to protect them from power surges when the power is restored.  If your lights frequently dim or brighten, it’s best to consult an electrician to identify and rectify the cause. For any query regarding the inverter or surge protector, please call experts at OneDios.

Problem 9: Inadequate Cooling

The Issue: Inconsistent cooling or warm air blowing from vents can be frustrating.

Troubleshooting: Check if the air filter is clean and the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. If the problem persists, call a professional HVAC technician at OneDios to diagnose and fix the issue.

Problem 10: Inoperative Appliances

The Issue: Some appliances may fail to start or run inefficiently due to voltage drops or other electrical issues.

Troubleshooting: Ensure appliances are plugged in securely and not sharing outlets with high-power devices. If an appliance isn’t working despite proper connections, consult an electrician or the manufacturer’s customer service for guidance. Consider purchasing appliance-grade surge protectors for your home’s computer, refrigerator, washer and dryer, air conditioning unit, or home theatre system. 


While summer brings its fair share of electrical challenges, a proactive approach to troubleshooting can help you maintain a comfortable and efficient home. Regular maintenance, mindful energy consumption, and professional assistance, when needed, will ensure your appliances and electrical systems run smoothly throughout the hot months. With OneDios, you can easily register your electronic devices and keep track of their warranty periods. OneDios platform simplifies the process of scheduling regular maintenance services for your electronics. Using our services guarantees that your devices receive timely professional cleaning and servicing, which prevents performance issues caused by dust accumulation.

If you encounter persistent issues, don’t hesitate to contact OneDios, a professional appliance service-providing company, to assess and resolve the problem, ensuring your summer remains enjoyable and stress-free. Preparing your home electronics for the summer heat is essential to ensure they perform well and last longer. Embrace OneDios to streamline electronics management and enjoy a summer season with efficiently operating devices. OneDios has a vast network of authorised service centres across the country. OneDios is the one-stop shop for all home appliance service and repair needs.