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A refrigerator is perhaps the only appliance that works for twenty-four hours to keep fresh your vegetables, dairy products, food items, and several other perishable items. This is why the refrigerator is one of the most desirable kitchen equipment that demands proper maintenance. Keeping the health of the refrigerator in top condition is in the interest of your daily life. If you are looking for Refrigerator services in Delhi, we recommend the following tips for maintenance.



Here are a few tips to keep your refrigerator in good working condition

Check the sealing of doors

Sometimes the sealing of the door of refrigerators is damaged. And due to this the cold air starts leaking out in the open. Always check the sealing and fix the damages if any with the sealing of the door.

Correct cooling temperature

The setting of the right cooling temperature of the refrigerator is necessary for the error-free functioning of the refrigerator. Most refrigerators offer a number-based system for setting up the cooling temperature. It is better to follow the refrigerator’s manual for more details and recommended temperature settings.

Never Block The Vents Inside The Refrigerator

You should ensure that there is proper space clearance between vents of the refrigerator and food items that are stored inside the fridge. This helps cool air to easily pass through for cooling the inside environment. If food being stored blocks the vents, it creates an unnecessary burden on the functioning of the refrigerator, forcing the refrigerator to work harder to keep the environment cool.

Defrost your fridge once a weekend

The accumulation of ice inside your fridge mainly in the single door refrigerators is a normal thing to happen. You should defrost it on weekly basis as doing so prevents the wastage of energy.

Placing the refrigerator too close to The Walls?

This is the most common mistake when it comes to the placing of the refrigerator. Never place the refrigerator touching the walls. Make sure that there is a minimum space between the fridge and the wall. This space helps the refrigerator from dispensing heat generated during the cooling process and keeps the appliance running efficiently.


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