Microwave find their place in being one of the essential kitchen items that today can easily be found in every household. Convenient in their use and application, they provide huge comfort in the making of food. The diverse service they provide has made them indispensable in everyday life.

To avoid any problems related to the use of microwaves, it is necessary to give sufficient attention to the maintenance of your microwave.

microwave oven safety

Some of them are listed below.

What is the right temperature?

Always use medium temperature for cooking or reheating purposes. It is the mistaken belief that the high temperature works better. The high temperature often leads to non-uniform cooking. This way you can also lose the nutrients value of the food. Better to keep it at medium flame.

No Cleanliness Compromises

There is a natural tendency to ignore the cleanliness of electrical appliances. Microwave oven is no exception. The uncleanliness also favours the growth of micro bacterias that eventually harm the quality of your food. Try to clean it every week with warm water, cotton cloth, and liquid detergent. Make sure you remove every splattered food particle.

Knowledge of what to heat or cook

Most of the experts advise against the heating of water in the microwave. Apart from this, it is also suggested that eggs, certain vegetables like potatoes, chillies should not become part of cooking menus. They have the potential to damage the interior of your microwave.

Cooking materials

Is it safe to use plastic containers for heating or cooking purposes in the microwave? No! Plastic It is highly recommended to only use microwave-safe plastic or glass containers, and containers suitable for the microwave. Using unsafe plastic containers can leak harmful chemicals, thereby affecting the quality of food and the functioning of the microwave with the months-long accumulation of these chemicals.

Pause while cooking

It is good if you press the pause button, stir your food evenly and properly and then again restart the cooking or heating. This way you get the maximum and quality output of the food items.


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