How to improve your Laptop’s performance?

The functioning of your personal computers/laptops is bound to slow down over some time. Computers likely stop giving the optimum performance at some point in time. While a lot depends on the kind of software on which your computers are running, and how your laptops are responding to the operating system over a certain period. You certainly can have software upgrades to make it function faster. But there are few minor tweaks through which you can sustain and enhance the performance quality of your computers. If you are searching for Laptop Services in NOIDA, please consider the following speed optimization tricks :


Laptop Services in Noida

Cleanup Disk

Several unnecessary files and programs on your computers do not serve any important purpose or haven’t been used in a while slow the speed of your computers. Disk Cleanup speeds up the computer’s functioning, freeing up drive space for future programs. This way you can easily avoid the speeding problem with your Pcs.

Clean up your Browsing History & Cookies

The numerous searches and browsing pile up small files and cookies that can add up to a large amount affecting the performance of your browsing experience. If you start noticing any speed lag, it is time to clear these browsing compilations. It is essential to maintain and increase your PC/laptop’s performance and keep things running smoothly.

Uninstall or delete unnecessary software or apps

Identify and then delete the unnecessary software or apps to boost up the performative quality aspect. Try to keep apps as minimum as possible according to the utility and urgency of your work requirements.


Avoid overheating of the laptops as when they get too warm, they start to slow down. Your personal computers need a cool place where they can have the minimum heat impact. You can also get your laptop serviced regularly by searching Laptop services in NOIDA and raising a request with OneDios.

Always Shut Down if when not in use

Turning off your computer is a must if they are not in use. It puts pressure on battery performance and can create unnecessary problems. So if you are not using your computers better shut them down. You can always turn them on.

Many Laptop services in NOIDA are available, but you can do it hassle-free with the OneDios app. You just need to raise a request and book an appointment with a tap on the phone, with the safety of your phone. 


Why OneDios for Appliance service? 

Multiple plans and options on our platform are available for Laptop service in NOIDA. Plans from the OEMs and other Service providers are available for easy comparison.

  • Competitive pricing of these plans by respective providers
  • Buy instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction.
  • The contract becomes available instantly.
  • No need to keep and store paper copies of the contract
  • Raising a request as part of the maintenance plan becomes a matter of a few seconds
  • Auto schedule happens for your maintenance visits as per your service plan. You can choose to accept them or move to a more convenient slot just at the click of a button.
  • You can view the complete  Service history for ready reference
  • Allows end consumers to rate service and AMC.
  • Quickly raise a ticket directly with the OEM of the service provider

OneDios aims to transform the customer service experience for end customers.  This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy a maintenance contract.

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