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Summers can be intolerable without an AC unit! But once winter has arrived officially, one needs to consider how best to prepare your AC for winter storage. The process of storing AC can be arduous, as it is a bulky piece of machinery most likely hovering at an inaccessible height. Most people are unacquainted with the method to appropriately store their AC unit and are unaware of the probable damage that may occur if they store it incorrectly. This could result in untimely wear and tear of the AC and some very expensive repairs.

It is essential to take care when correctly storing your AC over the winter. This is important to maintain the unit’s durability and functionality and help in keeping it clear of grime and breakages. Leaving your unit in the window can make the cold weather uncomfortable for you at home. But, how? If you leave the AC mounted, heat will leak through the cracks between the window and the AC unit. This can make your home to feel a bit colder than usual and may upsurge your heating bill. The relentless weather can cause water to freeze inside your Air con, which can make it inoperative during summers.

In today’s blog we will have a look at a few tips on how to store your air conditioning unit for the winter.

1. Remove the air-conditioning unit from the window (if possible).

If you want to remove the Air con unit, remove it with proper caution and care. The foremost and obvious thing is to make sure that you disconnect the electrics when uninstalling the unit. Do not remove the window air conditioner without the support of another person. Place it into storage in a shelter or basement or utility room that is cool and dry and where it will be safe through the winter months.

2. Inspect the AC unit for any damage

Inspect your AC unit thoroughly for any electrical or physical damage and get the damaged components repaired before packing it away. This way, you will be sure, that your AC is ready to go once summer arrives. If you need help booking a service download the “OneDios” app, an end to end shop for all your AC issues and queries.

3. Clean the External of your AC unit

Although it sounds very obvious, but you will be surprised at how – seldom people clean their Air con. Use a cloth or a sponge to wipe the exterior of your AC carefully.

4. Clean the Interior of your AC unit

This part will be very chaotic and may require an expert AC service professional for cleaning. For this, you can raise a service request in a few clicks with the help of the OneDios app, for service and maintenance your AC for any brand like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Daikin, Carrier, Voltas, etc. A professional will check the air filters, condenser coils, scratches, scrapes, and water pan, whether they need replacement or just cleaning. So, that when the summer hits, your unit should be ready to use.

5. Purchase a winterizing cover

A thermal winterizing cover will protect your Air conditioning exterior from insects, dirt, and cold weather. This keeps your Air Con unit in good condition. It is available in various sizes, so take the proper dimension of your AC before buying the cover. Have a look at OneDios for offers on AC accessories.

If you don’t store it, cover it.

If you don’t want to remove your air conditioner and store it during the winter, it is advisable to conceal it with a designated air conditioner cover that is exactly designed to shield your air conditioners from the harsh weather. Covering the Air conditioner unit won’t only help avert drafts, but also will increase longevity. One can purchase the cover from any hardware store or order online.

If you are considering to prepare your AC for storage, why not download the OneDios app and schedule the maintenance of your AC in advance? OneDios also provides extended warranty and AMC deals for all your brands.


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