If you have access to a car, chances are there that you may be feeling worried about how to extend the life of your car. The maintenance of the car is your responsibility, your car won’t take care of itself. It can be expensive but will save you a good amount of money down the line.

Below we will be discussing some obligatory tips you can perform to ensure your car always remains in the right shape and functions without problems or difficulties. If you are looking for how to extend the life of your car, we recommend you to read the following advantages first:-
Extend the life of your car

Maintain the tire pressure

Improperly pressurized tires have higher chances for major or minor accidents. It won’t handle or functions as well as the tires with the correct amount of pressure. It keeps you safe while driving does not create unnecessary pressure during driving and tires with a standard amount of pressure have a good and long life. Always check your tire pressure with the help of the pressure gauge.

Oil level as required

Motor oil is fundamental to the functioning of your car and your car’s performance. The primary job of the oil is to moisturize the different engine parts so that they don’t tear against each other and cause damages to the engine. So your car engine must have enough oil. It is recommended to change your car oil every 5000 miles.

Proper maintenance job

As the newer equipment including cars has become progressively complex with several high-tech maintenance jobs. We recommend visiting professional car mechanics for a complete car check-up at regular intervals.

Clean your car regularly

The everyday single day our car goes through the intense sunlight, dust, rain, and worst of all, the muddy water. These things damage the outer body parts of the car, therefore, the need to wash your car as regularly as possible. It depends on the location and climate in which your car is running to determining the frequency of car washing.

Replace your air filters

It is the easiest job to be done as you can do it yourself with great ease and do not always require the necessity to visit the service shop. It is advisable to change your air filters every 12000 miles

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