How is TV evolving?

In today’s time, OLED or smart TV produces the best quality of picture and sound. It has become so advanced that users can watch different content via OTT platforms directly through the Internet or vo(LTE). Television is a high ticket product that needs a little extra investment and accessories to serve at its best potential. No one wants to replace it or change it for a quite long time. So, to make your TV’s lifespan longer, there is a need to maintain it.


TV's lifespan
TV’s lifespan

OneDios can suggest some Essential tips for increasing your TV’s lifespan:

  • Proper electricity/power connection for your TV:

    There is a need for a proper and constant power connection to avoid fluctuations. If you are living in a high power fluctuation zone then it is advisable to connect your TV’s power to a voltage regulator with a built-in surge protector. If the power switches on and off very frequently an invertor is advisable. The biggest danger to a TV’s lifespan is voltage surge and fluctuation.

  •  Control dirt around your TV

    Accumulated dirt that deposits in our appliances increases the probability to trigger a short circuit. A short circuit can cause non-recoverable damage to the TV’s screen and end the  TV’s lifespan. So it is advisable to always keep the television in dirt-free surroundings.

  • Keep your TV away from excessive temperature:

    Extremes of temperature are never good for any general home use appliance. It is advisable to never place your TV in very low or high temperatures and high humidity. Keeping them there might reduce the TV’s lifespan as they can spoil the wiring and damage the electronic components inside the TV.

  • Clean and maintain your TV safely:

    LED TV’s are susceptible to static power. So, it is important to use anti-static cleaners and cloth t clean your TV. Make sure to apply pressure to support your TV’s screen from the bottom and clean it softly and carefully. Many users tend to apply pressure on the screen or the body which can cause cracks in the screen or nuts and bolts. Causing damage while cleaning can be easily controlled by following recommended cleaning practices. This will increase your TV’s lifespan.

  • Avoid excessive usage of your TV:

    If you leave the TV screen on at night for a long period of time, it can cause burn-in or overheating. Also, all LEDs have a fixed lifespan. There is no point in consuming it if no one is watching. So, don’t use your television as a “screen saver”. Try to avoid watching shows with static images like news tickers. If you are not watching TV, then never leave it on.


Hopefully, this post assists helps you get the right pointers for increasing your TV’s lifespan.  Heeding these suggestions will help to increase the lifespan of your Plasma, LED, LCD, and home theater television sets. In the unfortunate case of a TV breakdown, you can utilize the OneDios TV service team to get it repaired. We, at OneDios, provide repair services for TV. If you have any queries, feel free to call us. We also provide the in-home inspection and diagnostic of TV and other electronic repair services.

We have qualified technicians that will ensure the best services and results when it comes to TV Repair or electronic repairs.




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