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AC maintenance : Mistakes you are making with your AC.

Several modern home appliances, be it air conditioning systems, are designed to minimize discomfort. Some even possess a self-scrutiny mechanism to keep repairs to the optimal level to the least. But, nothing can replace the professional timely maintenance required by any modern appliance system. Maintenance mistakes you’re making with your home AC may be proving to be detrimental to its functioning and safety, experts say. Here is a few AC maintenance tips list of the most common mistakes of maintaining your air cooling system.



Do You Cover Your Outdoor Unit Completely?


The most common AC maintenance mistake rule is that people often cover outdoor units during the cold season completely. Don’t cover the outdoor units during winter completely. It prevents proper airflow and is better to cover the outdoor unit only during autumn when there’s dust and debris all around.

Higher Electricity Bills –  Never brush aside

Probably most of the air conditioning units are supposed to be energy-efficient, especially updated and advanced models. There are chances of structural problems with your AC unit   If your electricity consumption increases suddenly.  These malfunctions can lead to poor performance and energy-consuming.

Ac maintenance: You MUST get your System Serviced Annually

Though you could take the help of the online videos about cleaning your AC units. But AC maintenance operations that keep your system up and running efficiently need pro and skilled professionals to service your system once a year.

Avoid  Too Low Thermostat for better Ac maintenance

The human body is capable of adapting to either too hot or cool temperatures pretty quickly. It’s worth sweating through that transient period and this way you also save your bill and climate.

Never leave your AC on 24/7

If AC vents are open in every room of your house during the entire time. It should be put on rest now and then, for the health of the AC unit and as well as for your health. Ceiling fans can also be utilized to keep cool air circulating, this has the potential to remove some of the extra residuals from your AC system. This is critical for your AC maintenance and to save your electricity bill.

Sunlight is an enemy to AC systems

Having no Blinds Or Curtains allows sunlight into your room which is like arch-rival to your AC units. It is highly recommended to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your AC system. This way you also block the sun’s heat coming into your room, experts say.

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