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AC AMC: Lower your AC bills and Save money

With technological advances and increased scientific innovations, there have substantive improvements in the electronic configurations in an air conditioner. This improvement in the air conditioners’ configurations and functioning offers a diverse range of cooling options and a chance to customize the cooling experience according to individual needs. While you would find the different features in your air conditioner manual, this article will explain how the different operating modes impact the consumption of electricity. This way you also come to know the energy requirement of the air conditioner and can opt for the mode beneficial in terms of saving energy. If you are looking for AC AMC we recommend you read the following advantages first –



The Cool Mode or the default mode

As the default mode in the air conditioner, the ac runs on the temperature it is set and the speed of the fan on which it operates. The energy-saving depends on the temperature at which you run your air conditioner. According to the information provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) by increasing your AC temperature just by 1 degree, you can save around 6% energy. Again this depends on the cooling experience you want to have during the hot summer days.

Compressor off mode

The other method of energy-saving is to run your ac on fan mode. In this mode of operation, the compressor is switched off. Since the compressor is the component responsible for cooling the rooms, it consumes great energy. So by turning off the compressor you can save energy but the downside is no cooling experience.

Energy saver mode

When you set your air conditioner on energy saver mode, once the temperature reaches the level set, the compressor along with fn shuts off and again turns off when the temperature starts rising above the cooling limit.

Sleep mode

This mode initially works by reaching the temperature level chosen by you, and then follows an automatic periodical increase in the temperature with a maximum of  2 degrees above the chosen level. This helps you get a no disturbance sleep without having any concern for switching off your air conditioners.
The right mode is essential for a comfortable cooling experience and depends on the environmental conditioner around you.

Why OneDios for AC AMC?

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  • You can view the complete AC Service history for ready reference
  • Allows end consumers to rate AC service and AC AMC.
  • Quickly raise a ticket directly with the OEM of the service provider

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