whirlpool A.C. customer care number Hyderabad

Is your Whirlpool A.C. not cooling the room properly? If yes, it may have some problems within the unit. Not enough Cooling and blowing out hot air are some symptoms the air conditioner needs to repair. A.C. requires regular maintenance to function correctly in the long run. When the air conditioner stops maintaining a cool temperature in the room, it can get irritating. Here are some reasons why your A.C. is not providing the cooling effect it should and how you can fix these issues.


Air filters are dirty.

One of the most common issues of this problem is that the air filters are not clean. It may get clogged with dirt and dust particles, leading to further problems.

Outside Unit

Yes, you heard it right! The outside unit matters as much as the inside unit. The air conditioner will not function to its full potential if it is not clean. Firstly, the inside team absorbs the heat in the room and transfers it to the outdoor unit.

Motors stop working

A well-functioning motor is necessary for the Cooling of the air conditioner. If the motor fan is faulty or is not working efficiently, it will raise problems in the air conditioner.

How to fix it?

It is possible to fix the motors quickly without any hassles. However, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. Instead of directly reaching the whirlpool customer care number in India to get the issue fixed, you can move with www.onedios.com


Refrigerant levels are low.

Refrigerant is kind of a fluid that consumes heat from the air. Low levels or the absence of refrigerant may cause the cooling effect to be negligible.

Problems with the compressor

The compressor is the element that regulates the flow of refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser. It is one of the most significant parts of the air conditioner unit. However, if the compressor is broken, it will not cool the air to its total capacity.

How to fix it?

Usually, you need to change the compressor entirely and opt for a new one. With professional help, through OneDios, the ac will start working again.


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